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{rewrite}Andre, Tim, and Fidget are great in this {energetic | lively | active} and fun bareback {three way | threesome}. The {action | scene | fun} starts off with some kissing between Andre and Tim as Fidget is giving both {men | of them} {oral sex | head | blow job} as he bobs back and forth from cock to cock. Andre takes his place as {Dominant | Top} of the scene as he {rims | eats | licks} Fidget’s ass {preparing | prepping} it for his own raw cock. Tim gets his taste of Fidget’s ass too. Andre {plugs Fidget’s hole bareback | fucks Fidget’s ass raw | fucks Fidget’s ass bareback} as Fidget eats Tim’s {ass | cock | huge balls}. Tim  {throws | shoves | rams} his dick into Fidget’s {raw hole | ass} a few times as {both | he and Andre} tag team fuck Fidget. Andre {sprays | shoots} his {cum | load | jizz} onto Fidget’s ass then fucks him some more. Tim explodes {onto | all over} Fidget’s face and chest. {/rewrite}

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