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Here’s the set up for those unfamiliar with Bait Buddies. A straight guy answers an ad looking for actors to shoot straight porn. The girl does not show and the director tries to talk the guys into doing a video together. One of the guys is a gay plant (the bait) that is more than happy to help out. In this case the straight guy is a big Texan named Chasen. I say big because Chasen is 6-5 and has a wide 9 inch (23 cm) cock. The gay bait is Damon Audigier; a dark skinned Indian.

Chasen and Damon are given some flesh jacks to play with. The way Damon looks at Chasen’s 9 inch dick you know that he is longing for it. Damon sucks the big meat down his throat with excitement. Chasen attempts to suck Damon’s uncut dick but isn’t too much into it. When the director asks Chasen to fuck he is reluctant but agrees for more money. Chasen pounds his partner’s ass something fierce. Damon seems to love it as his dick gets harder and he quickly shoots his wad while Chasen slams his tight ass. After the scene is over both guys gives an interview and talks about his experience. I’ll let you watch the video yourself to see what Chasen had to say about his first gay porn video.

Straight boy has sex with gay Indian guy for cash

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