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Robbie is my newest reason for visiting Southern Strokes. I’ve always liked the way southern boys talk and behave. Robbie is such an awesome looking guy so lets start at the top and work down; he has short brown hair with crystal blue-gray eyes and just the right amount of scruff on his face to make him look manly but cute as hell, he has a skinny body without a lot of muscle, his hairless chest with small pink nipples leads to a flat abdomen with a brown path of hair leading from his belly button down to a trimmed patch of pubic hair. Now the good stuff, his cock! For such a skinny guy Robbie has a meaty cock. He strokes that bad puppy and tugs on his shaved balls as the camera goes down providing a view of his big feet and furry legs. He has a look of total euphoria as he cums. That white cum splattered across his stomach makes you wish you were the towel that he cleans up with. Lets hope we see more of this young southern stud soon!

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Southern studs getting off

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