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cumshots a plenty at Boy Gusher

The video of Sean and Tommy Ray is one of the members highest rated videos at Boy Gusher. I watched the video today and can tell why the members like it so much. The video features 23 year old gay guy Sean and straight guy Tommy Ray. Sean is excited and ready to jerk off this sexy straight boy. After some introductory chat, the guys strip down to their underwear.

Both guys are wearing white briefs. Tommy looks great with his dark tanned skin and various tattoos against the white. Sean wastes no time reaching over and grabbing Tommy’s cock through his shorts. It isn’t long before Tommy is hard and Sean takes his hard cock out and starts to suck it. Sean has a lot of fun working over Tommy’s rock hard cock too. He moves his mouth up and down the long shaft to deep throat every inch down to his ball sack, licks the head with his tongue, and uses his hand and mouth together to cover every hard inch with warm wet friction. After about 6 minutes of intense oral action Tommy moans and grunts out “I’m going to cum” just before he shoots a nice load of cum onto Sean’s shoulder. Sean moves his face in to catch the rest of Tommy’s load in his mouth and down the side of his face.

Tommy changes positions with Sean and moves down to help his gay friend get off. Tommy lowers Sean’s underwear and starts rubbing his cock. Sean has dark bushy pubes and a nice cock. Tommy doesn’t seem into the dick sucking much but gives it a try for a minute or two. Sean’s dick gets harder with the straight boys mouth around it and he begins to moan with pleasure. Tommy isn’t ready to take a cumshot in the mouth just yet and continues to jerk Sean’s dick with his hand until Sean shoots a stream of cum from his hard cock. I wish I had straight friends like Tommy.

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