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Patrick Dunne turns heads everywhere he goes. His handsome face with the chiseled features, hazel eyes and bright smile is the first thing people notice. Taking off his shirt you’ll see that he’s a smooth muscular blond jock with great six pack abs, hard pecs and strong arms. Regardless of a preference for hairy or smooth guys, Patrick is the best of both worlds because when he drops his pants you can’t miss those hairy legs. It’s quite a contrast between the smoothness of his upper body and the lush body fur of his legs, ass, balls and pubes.  Patrick grabs his cock and jacks it so hard while his breath quickens, small beads of sweat form on his brow and his face takes on a passionate look. He knows how to milk every drop of seamen out of his throbbing cock and when he spurts his white creamy cum all over his ripped stomach he lets out a contented sigh.

Blond haired hunk Patrick Dunne strips naked and jerks his rock hard cock

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