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Kevin Warhol is a unique model for Bel Ami. He isn’t the typical ripped gym bodied stud like most and he has a number of tattoos. He is complete Bel Ami material in other ways though. He is way cute, well hung, and uncut.

In this latest scene Kevin Warhol hooks up with hung jock Gaelan Binoche for some hot dick sucking and hardcore ass pounding. The men start fully dressed and kiss each other a bit. Gaelan gives Kevin some real pleasure nuzzles on his neck and moving his mouth down Gaelan’s smooth torso to his partially erect uncircumcised dick. The guys take turns sucking each other until Kevin is in a doggie position with Gaelan behind and mounting his tight ass. Galean pounds Kevin from different positions but my favorite view is when Kevin looks over his shoulder to gaze at the man behind fucking his ass. The look on Kevin’s face is like a child eyeballing his favorite ice cream cone. The next best part comes (or should say cums ) as Galean shoots his jizz across the cute boys face.

watch the full video here

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