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The men at Broke Straight Boys masturbate, suck dick and fuck in first time gay sex, and once they become relaxed in front of the camera are asked to return for a chance to earn even more money as part of a group. That is what happens with Shane and Josh who have each been in one scene previously as they team up with broke straight boys regular Mike. After a short interview and discussion of the most important issue of how much each is going to make, the straight boys agree on a plan and get right to it. The guys strip naked. It seems as though Mike has more tattoos on his body every time he returns and he appears a little scruffier than usual too. He sits with Josh & Shane on the futon and they lend a hand to each other jacking their buddies cock. With all three semi hard they move into the signature BSB wave position. This formation is when all three are sucking dick and in this instance it is Josh sucking on Shane and Mike swallowing Josh’s hard cock. Shane, Mike, and Josh continue sucking each other’s dick for a while then jump into the fucking action. Josh easily agreed that he would be the bottom today but only by Shane. (how sweet) That left Mike to watch, give instructions, and feed Josh his hard cock while Shane fills his ass. We get an excellent look at Shane’s tall thin body as he hammers Josh’s virgin ass. The close up view of Shane’s long cock sliding back and forth with his ripped abs and dark treasure trail is great!

Mike and Shane continue to fuck Josh’s mouth and ass until Shane pulls out his throbbing cock and spurts his load across Josh’s body. The cum streams from Josh’s left shoulder and throat down his chest and belly. Josh cums next; adding to the puddle of spunk on his stomach. Mike adds his spunk to the mix with his signature explosive cum shot that propels a stream of cum across Josh’s shoulder and down to his crotch. Josh is covered in the 3 straight guys cum as they finish and head off to shower. I wonder if they shower together… Hmmmm?

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