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Matt Hughes uses his 12 inch dick in solo and hardcore gay sex scenes

If you like guys with really big dicks and haven’t heard of Matt Hughes, you’ve been missing out. Matt started as an amateur on a number of British gay porn sites. He was an instant hit in every scene he appeared in as he shows off his lean body with semi hairy chest and an amazing 12 inch uncut cock. Unlike a lot of guys with huge dicks, Matt is completely able to get hard and perform. He frequently shoots big loads from his fat sausage as well. Recently I was taking a hard look at UK Naked Men and discovered that Matt has done a number of solo as hardcore sex scenes. Matt performs in a good number of group sex scenes and why shouldn’t he? He has more than enough dick for 2 or even 3 guys to share at the same time. While Matt’s cock is impressive sight, another factor to consider are the number of guys that have the skill to deep throat or bottom for him. Watching every hard inch of his huge dick move down a guys throat or up some experienced bottoms ass is so damn hot. Personally, I have not seen this many scenes with Matt at one site before. If you like Matt like I like Matt you need to get over to UK Naked Men to download all these scenes today.

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