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Adam Moon reminds me of the song “New Age Girl” by Dead Eye Dick. Aside from his last name being Moon (maybe Mary’s brother) he looks like a new age boy. Adam had dark hair and a scruffy face. With such a thin body he may be a vegetarian or maybe just a starving artist. Finally, watching him play with his hard cock it is very clear that he loves his bone. I like his bone too! When Adam takes off his clothes you notice his trimmed chest hair, a number of tats, and a big bulge in his tight blue underwear. Talk about a nice package, Adam has it. He sits back in the chair to play with his dick through his underwear until it is good and hard. His long dick stretches all the way to his bony hip making an impressive view. When he takes his underwear off we get the first look at his long hard cock. Adam strokes his dick, paying special attention to the head and switching his grip every so often for maximum stimulation. Adam’s profile doesn’t say if he is straight like a lot of the guys at Alterna Dudes but my guess is that he is either gay or bi. After a few minutes of rubbing his cock his other hand moves down to finger his hairy ass. I don’t know many straight guys that play with their ass while jerking off but have met a few so… Actually it doesn’t matter, I’d be happy to suck Adam off anytime. He continues to jack his dick and his breathing gets faster until he says “I’m getting ready to cum” and lets loose a flow of thick cum that runs over his fingers and covers the long shaft of his dick.  After he cums, Adam leans his head back with his head in the sun from the window, closes his eyes, and basks in the warmth and after orgasm feeling.

Naked tattooed dude strokes his big dick while fingering his ass and cums

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