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Cal and Jacob were hanging out at a local strip club and were invited back to the Boy Gusher photographer’s house. The guys were shown their room and left alone while the photographer went to gather his equipment. When he came back the boys were already undressed to their underwear and playing with each others cock. Jacob is really horny and can’t wait to get Cal’s cock in his mouth. He pulls down Cal’s printed underwear and starts sucking the blond boys hard dick. Jacob takes every hard inch in his mouth and keeps sucking as a pool of saliva runs down Cal’s dick & balls and covers his asshole too. Cal rubs Jacob’s shaved head as he receives an awesome blowjob. Jacob takes out a black and gold vibrator and starts to rub it against Cal’s saliva covered hole. Slowly at first then he pushes the sex toy deep into Cal’s butt. Cal lets out a loud moan as the sensation of a vibrator in his ass and a hot mouth on his cock send him into ecstasy. Jacob isn’t finished with the sex toys though and lubes up Cal’s dick for the ultimate male masturbation tool; a classic FleshJack. Jacob slides the flashlight-like toy up and down Cal’s long hard shaft while Cal continues to use the vibrator on himself. You can tell that Cal is getting close from the awesome feeling of the FleshJack. Jacob slides the toy off Cal’s cock and finishes getting his friend off with his hand. Cal gushes a huge load of jizz that shoots up his smooth chest almost to his throat and splatter all over his hairless belly. Leave it to a horny 21 year old to make such a fun mess. Like every good friend should, Cal lends a hand to Jacob who’s own dick has been throbbing for a while. Cal lubes up Jacob’s dick and jerks him off. Cal is viciously fun and keeps stroking Jacob’s cock and rubbing the head after he cums. You know what that feels like and how overwhelming the sensation is. Jacob squirms and laughs in half pleasure and half pain as Cal continues to rub his sensitive member.

Cal and Jacob get each other off

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