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Lifting free weights turns into a naked gay 3 way suck & fuck fest

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Double the action and double the fun when Zac Lake and Nikko Alexander hook up with Jay Cloud. Double the action because Nikko gets filled with hard cock from his two jock buddies and double the fun because these three hotties do a photo shoot with each other in a weight room as well as a hardcore fuck video in their hotel room. The guys from Next Door Studios are there to catch every hard inch of cock and every drop of cum on film (or digital memory card).

It all starts Zac and Nikko hanging out and talking sports when Zac mentions that Nikko has been looking more buff and filled out. He reaches out to feel Nikko’s muscular chest then moves his hand down to see if other parts are bigger as well. When a hot guy like Zac puts his hands in your pants you know your going to get hard and that is exactly what Nikko does. Nikko’s dick is already hard before Zac can get his shorts down. The guys kiss and rub each others tight bodies then get into some dick sucking. Before long the sucking leads to Nikko sitting bare assed onto Zac’s hard cock. The guys are making plenty of noise as they fuck when in walks tattooed jock Jay Cloud. Jay isn’t surprised at all at the sight of his basketball buddies getting it on and quickly takes off his clothes to get in on the action. Nikko is happy to accommodate both Zac and Jay. He sucks Jay while Zac continues to fuck him in the ass. The guys change positions as they continue with the dick sucking and ass fucking until all three shoot their load onto Nikko’s muscular torso.

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