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25 year old tattooed texan shows off his 8 inch cock

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The crew from Southern Strokes continue their journey through Texas in search of southern studs willing to do amateur gay porn. While visiting a gay club in Dallas they came across Everett. He was sitting at a table with his shirt off and sweating from the humid heat and plenty of dancing. The first thing they noticed about Everett is his lean body with silky smooth olive toned skin. They approached Everett to discuss him performing naked on camera. Everett was honored if not somewhat a little embarrassed but quickly said yes to the offer. The next day he showed up as he promised and did his first ever adult video session.

Everett has a cool Texas accent and a typical southern boy charm even though he is from a big city. He talks about the first time he had sex with a guy which was only a few months ago then gets right down to stripping off his clothes and jerking his cock. Everett has a very lean body with little fat or bulky muscle. At 6 feet tall and 170 pounds he isn’t super skinny but instead looks healthy. His chest and stomach are virtually hairless and a black tattoo traverses his lower abdomen just above his black and pink underwear. For a first time amateur, Everett looks comfortable getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers he met only the night before. The underwear come off as easily as the rest of his clothes to show us his soft cock with shaved pubes.  Everett isn’t much soft but is definitely a grower. With a few rubs of his hand his cock is standing straight out and looks to be about 7.5 – 8 inches long. Everett shows off his smooth ass and does a few poses before getting to business of jerking out his load. While he jerks he flexes his abs and rocks his pelvis like he is fucking his hand. It’s cool watching him move his whole body as he strokes his hard dick. His face and shoulders get flushed and his breathing increases as he gets close and finally shoots a stream of cum that leaves a trail from just below his nipple down his smooth body to the base of his still hard cock.

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