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Inked skater dude has sex with a clown and gorilla at halloween party

As I was listening to the radio earlier today the song “Everyday is Halloween” by Ministry was on. Go figure with it being Halloween and all. Anyways, the lyrics of the song got me thinking about all the punkers, goths, and other alternative guys that get it on at Alterna Dudes. I knew that if any site was doing something special for the holiday it would be them and I’m glad that I checked it out because this is too much fun! The Halloween update features a tattooed skater boy with plenty of ink and piercings having a three way with a sadistic clown and a furry black gorilla. As they set up for the party all three guys play pumpkin fucker and slide their cock into a carved out pumpkin. They return later in costume and ready for some fun. Big dicked Stagg dressed as the horny clown and Dustin naked in a gorilla suite. Austin Mitchell quickly becomes their bitch and is put to work sucking Stagg and Dustin’s dick. It’s ironic that Stagg has a completely shaved crotch leaving nothing to obstruct our view of Austin’s mouth moving up and down his dick while the hair from the gorilla outfit is so long that we can barely see Dustin’s dick. Austin does a number on both guys as he strokes his own dick. Stagg is super horny and ready to plow some ass. He bends Austin over to his hands and knees, moves in behind, and fucks the horny skater dudes ass. Dustin takes off the gorilla suite as Stagg pounds Austin’s behind. On Dustin’s return, Austin flips onto his back to orally service his friends until they both shoot their load onto his face. In the end Austin has a big smile on his cum covered face and why not? It looks like he had a very happy Halloween.

watch the Halloween 3 way video here

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