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Ryan sucks Connor's pierced cock then gets fucked

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Two cute twinks, Connor and Ryan, are walking back from a movie when the conversation turns to sex. When they get back to Connor’s apartment Ryan is so horny that he can’t keep his hands off Connor. Within minutes Ryan is undressing Connor. He unbuttons Connor’s shirt to rub and suck on his smooth chest and pierced nipples then moves his tongue down the skinny twink’s ripped stomach. Ryan fumbles a little with Connor’s big belt and jeans but finally gets them off and gets his first look at his friend’s long dick with a Prince Albert piercing. Ryan stretches and plays with the pierced meat for a bit then puts his mouth over the end and starts sucking his skinny friend’s cock until it is fully hard. When Connor’s dick is soft, the most noticeable thing is the big ring of steel in the end. As his cock gets to fully erect the observation turns to how big it is on such a skinny guy. Ryan continues to suck Connor’s dick as he undoes his own pants and starts jacking his own dick. After a while both guys get fully naked and Connor returns the favor by sucking on Ryan’s dick. Just like Connor, Ryan has a very nice dick for such a skinny dude. The guys have sucked each other and are ready to fuck! Ryan gets on Connor’s lap and sits down on his hard pole. Of all the positions in this video it is while Ryan is riding Connor’s cock that both guys look like they have the most fun. Connor grabs Ryan’s hair and moves him into the exact position for the most pleasure. Ryan loves the feel of his friend’s big cock up his tight boy butt and moans with every slide down onto his friend’s dick. Like before, the guys switch so that Ryan is now fucking Connor. Ryan fucks him from behind first then flips Connor onto his back with legs in the air to finish pounding his ass silly. Connor shoots his jizz while Ryan fucks him then Ryan pulls his cock out to add his own spunk to the pool on Connor’s stomach.

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