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I’m always turned on by southern boys. The drawl, farm boy bodies, manners, and horse sized dicks. I’m not sure if Beau Kennedy is from a farm or even from the south but he has all the southern qualities I like, especially the big dick. Beau answered an add looking for guys to be in a porno video. He is on the casting couch with another guy, Noah Springs. The guys talk about why they want to do porn and how much they will get paid. The producer instructs them to strip naked so he can get a good look at them. Noah is a dark skinned twink with a thin hairless body and average sized cock. Beau is a tall skinny redhead. His body has a few tattoos but his real impression is made when he drops his pants to let his 9.5 inch trouser snake out. Everyone in the room is impressed with beau’s big dick. When the producer tells Beau that the scene they are shooting would be with him and Noah he gets a little riled and wants to leave. After some smooth talking, and a lot more money,  Beau decides to stay and starts stroking his dick to get hard. Noah moves his face closer then puts his mouth on Beau’s dick. That does the trick! Beau is hard in short order and appears to be enjoying the expert blowjob from his new gay buddy. Noah tries to get a BJ back but Beaus isn’t too keen on having another man’s dick in his mouth. He doesn’t seem to mind having his dick up another man’s ass though. Noah positions himself over Beau to lower his small tight butt onto the straight guys hard cock. There is no doubt from the look on his face or the way he compliments Noah that he loves the feel of fucking Noah in the butt. Beau continues to slam Noah’s ass in a few positions until they end up with Noah on his back and legs in the air. Noah shoots first, jerking his cock while Beau fucks him then beau pulls out and jerks his junk to add his own spunk to the pool of cum running across Noah’s tight belly.

Straight guy Beau Kennedy has sex with a gay guy Noah Springs

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