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Jase bionx enjoys a long drag on his cigarette as he jerks off and smokes outside

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Jase Bionx goes outside to the steps to relax and have a smoke. Jase takes a long drag off his cigarette and blows out a cloud of gray smoke before he starts to take off his shirt and rub his hairless chest. Jase has a lean body with pale white skin that contrasts nicely with his dark red hair. After another couple of hits his hands undo his pants and he starts to rub his cock through his patriotic red, white, and blue stars and stripes underwear. Watching Jase closely it is hard to tell what he likes better, the soothing rush of the nicotine or the feel of his soft hand stroking his semi hard dick. Actually, I think he likes the smoke better but I enjoy watching him rub his dick with a pure pleasure look on his cute, boyish face.

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