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Daniel and Price are back for cash. Daniel is the spiky haired straight boy with pierced nipples and Price is the tattooed rock band dude. Both guys have done a jack off video and recently did a scene together giving each other a blowjob. Both guys want more money and have agreed to come back with each other for an anal scene. The only problem is deciding who is going to bottom. To solve the bottom boy issue they agree to a game of rock-paper-scissors best 1 out of 1 wins and loser has to bottom. Price seems a bit upset when he sees Daniel’s rock which break his scissors. It’s all good though because as Price told us in his previous video, he sometimes likes it when his girlfriend puts her finger in his ass while blowing him. Daniel is excited that he will be doing the fucking. Daniel doesn’t ever really show excitement but it is obvious when he quickly takes off his underwear and is already three quarters hard. I almost forgot just how nice both guys cocks are but Daniel’s looks very nice as he stands next to com0pletely soft dicked Price.

Once both straight boys are naked they sit back down on the magical BSB futon and get to business. Daniel is already hard so he bends over to suck on Price’s dick. It isn’t long that Price is fully hard as well and looking equally as fine. Price returns the favor and sucks on Daniel for a while. Price is obviously the better cock sucker. He takes every inch of Daniel’s dick in his mouth. With Daniel completely hard and ready to go, he puts a condom on as Price grabs a bottle of ID Lube and preps his ass for penetration. Daniel goes very slow and gentle as he slides his hard cock up Price’s virgin ass. About half way in Price lets out a long sigh and winces a little prompting Daniel to stop and ask if he is okay. Once Daniel has his cock buried to the base in Price’s ass he immediately speeds up and starts to fuck Price. Daniel screws Price doggy style for only a few minutes before warning us he is about to cum. He pulls his dick out just in time to see the tip of the condom filling with his jizz. I guess Daniel isn’t used to the extra tight feeling of a man’s ass compared to his girlfriends loose pussy. Daniel dumps the cum from his used condom onto to Price’s hard cock then slides his finger into the opening. Price jerks his long dick with cum for lube while Daniel fingers his ass. Price arches his back and lifts his ass from the futon just before he shoots his load across his chest and stomach.

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