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Alessio Romero - naked with dildo in hairy ass

WOOF! For all of you that love butch hairy men… Alessio Romero puts on a solo show at Man Avenue this week that is sure to get your juices flowing. Alessio looks like he blongs in a California biker gang at first glance. He wears a red cap and big sun to cover the top part of his face and a scruffy beard covers the bottom half. His beefy body is covered with ink and hair. Once he starts getting undressed and playing with cock, the run away feeling quickly turns to a come in and play. Alessio plays with his dick and nipples a bit then flips on his back to stimulate his hairy hole with a big black ass toy. It is obvious that he knows exactly what he likes and how to get it if no one is there to do it for him.

watch Alessio get off now at Man Avenue

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