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Gay sex 4 way - xxx

Total top Haigan is the only southern stud that doesn’t get his ass filled at the Southern Strokes Texas party turned orgy. Sal, Rex, Ricky, and Haigan all did videos during the Texas tour and were invited to a party for their last night in town. As you can expect when four great looking guys get together and start downing a few beers; the conversation turns to sex. The guys all say what a good time they had filming their jerk offs and duo scenes with each other. Rex instigated the action that got Sal to strip down to a jock strap. He lays down on a bench and in no time he and Ricky are 69ing while Haigan and Rex are doing their own thing right next to them. The air was hot and the bugs get louder as the sex gets heavier and all four start to sweat as they swap positions with each other so that everyone (except Haigan) gets their ass fucked and all of them (including Haigan) gets their cock sucked. At one point, all the guys are fucking in a train with Haigan bringing up the rear, pounding his 9 inch cock deep into Rex’s tight jock ass. As everyone gets close Sal positions himself as the designated cum dumpster. Big dicked Haigan shoots his load first, right onto Sal’s face and into his mouth. Sal licks up and eats as much of Haigan’s cum that his tongue can reach. Rex and Ricky are next, spraying thier jizz across Sal’s face and smooth chest. For all 9 of the videos Sal has been in, I’ve never seen him look so good as he does at the end of this video, covered with three mens cum.

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