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Lucas Knowles fucking Jake D

There is no kissing, making out, or other fluffy foreplay as these two hard and horny British dudes hook up for an afternoon of cock sucking, rimming, and hardcore fucking. It is obvious from the start who is going to dominate the action; Lucas. As soon as Lucas has his shirt off he pushes Jake’s head right into his arm pit to start licking. The tongue lashing moves down Lucas’ body to his semi-hard 8 inch cock. Jake takes the whole thing in his mouth with ease. Jake is very good at taking dick down his throat. Lucas face fucks him harder and harder and Jake seems to love every second of it. Jake puts his long tongue to use on Lucas’ ass next, rimming his hairy hole. The tongue in ass sensation drives Lucas crazy and works him into an even more horn dog frenzy. Lucas puts on a condom and starts with the ass fucking. If it looked like Jake loved sucking big dick it’s even more obvious that he loves to take it in the ass even more! Jake moans with pleasure as Lucas pounds his ass in at least three different positions. The final place is with Jake on his back, legs in the air, with Lucas slamming him full of cock. Jake jerks out his load send a stream of cum up onto his hairy chest. Lucas pulls out and adds his own gusher of cum to the mix. There is plenty of cum, hair, and sweat covering Jake when he is finished.

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