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Kurt Wild and Kirt Cummings suck and fuck

It has been a while since 24 year old Kurt Wild or Kirk Cummings (23) have done a scene for Circle Jerk Boys. Kurt has been busy with family and Kirk has moved to Florida which probably explains his tanned skin. When they show up, both are horny and ready for action. Especially Kurt who says it has been almost a year since he has done anything with another dude. With the slightest of hesitation both straight guys are naked and sucking each others dick to get warmed up. Both men claim to have 8 inches or more in the dick department but watching Kirk’s hard curved cock moving in and out of Kurt’s mouth it looks bigger by far. Once both have their dick covered in spit and are rock hard, Kurt shows us who is going to top. He moves Kirk into a few positions that put the tip of his dick very close to Kirk’s ass. Kirk doesn’t seem to mind and plays along well. The teasing can only go so long before Kurt rolls a condom over his thick cock and finally inserts into Kirk’s butt. He slides it in with nothing but spit for lube. Once in, the fucking gets intense. If the pounding that Kurt gives Kirk is anything like the way he fucks his wife, she is one lucky girl. Today it is Kirk who’s the lucky one though, getting fucked in at least three different positions. At one point Kurt actually grabs Kirk by the hips and picks him up to slide him back and forth on his hard pole. The muscles in his arms and chest look great during that part. After so much screwing the guys are ready to shoot and shoot they do! Kirk jerks his load onto his tanned abdomen as Kurt screws him then Kurt pulls out and straddles Kirk’s hips to shoot his own jizz straight at Kirk’s face.

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