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Travis puts his hard dick into a FleshJack

The owner of Spunk Worthy found his latest amateur straight boy while walking along the southern California beach. Travis has a decent body, a big smile, and an outgoing personality so they asked him if he wanted to make some extra money jacking off for a porn web site. When he showed up for the shoot he had a nervous excitement about him. He has never done anything like this in front of another guy let alone one with a camera and video recorder running. They settle his nerves a bit with the interview and get Travis naked. I thought he was a redhead looking at his long mane but he isn’t. Travis looked like he was getting into it all as he striped but the nervousness returns when he is supposed to get hard and start jerking. After a fair bit of play that yields a semi hard cock at best, Travis sees a FleshJack masturbation device and asks if he can use it. He’s so cute so who could say no. The feeling of the FleshJack must be good because within a few seconds of sliding it onto his cock he was hard as a rock. Travis continues to move the clear sleeve up and down his dick while the camera moves in close to give a view of every hard inch of cock along with Travis’ hairy belly. The view is so close it’s almost like being there to move the toy yourself. He continues to fuck the sex toy moving it faster and sliding his hips a bit until finally blowing his load.

Travis FleshJack video at Spunk Worthy

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