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Jeffrey Branson and Sebastian Bronco having gay sex
In scene three of Colt’s new video Man Hungry; Jeffrey Branson and Sebastiano Bronco go for an evening walk along a scenic trail before heading in for the night. The crisp air and sexy company must have had a special effect because it is only seconds from the time they get home that they are kissing each other and striping off each others clothes. Jeffrey is stripped down to a devilish red jock strap and Sebastiano a black jock. Either of these guys could easily do a jerk off solo and have my complete attention. They are both exceptionally hot! Each has a smooth muscular body with great shoulders, chests, and abs. Jeffrey may have a cute face but Sebastiano makes up with an almost perfect round bubble butt that is prime for fucking. After they suck each others uncut cocks for a while Jeffrey insets his meat deep into Sebastiano’s heavenly ass. They start in a basic doggy position and move through a series of skilled acrobatic fuck positions that give us the best views as Jeffrey continues to plow Sebastiano. Sebastiano positions himself on Jeffrey’s lap and rides his cock hard. Jeffrey is a great friend and gives Sebastiano a reach around that causes an eruption of cum to splatter across his tanned stomach. Jeffrey jumps up and strokes his out his own load, spilling cum onto Sebastiano’s chest as he looks up into Jeffrey’s face.

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