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It’s hot and sunny out so Caleb Strong and Patrick Dunne go out to relax by the pool. When Caleb sees the sexy body and big bulge in Patrick’s suite the temperature isn’t the only thing that gets hot. Caleb’s cock starts to get hard and with a dick like his it is hard to hide in a tight white speedo type suite. Not that he cares though. The sight of his growing cock is getting Patrick hard too and the guys are smiling because they know what is coming next. They go inside to make out and rub each others hard bodies then Patrick sits on the sofa and pulls Caleb over to pull down his shorts and start sucking his already hard cock. Patrick is still new to sucking dick and Caleb is happy to help him practice and give him pointers by example. Caleb shows Patrick his favorite sucking technique where he uses his mouth and both hands to stimulate every sensitive part of his partners genitals. The dick sucking gets Patrick really worked up and ready for more. He lifts Caleb’s legs into the air pushing his knees beside his head to expose his tight round ass then plunges deep inside the tattooed jock’s butt. Patrick may not be the best at sucking but he is a natural born top. He thrusts, pounds, and grinds his cock and hips against Caleb’s backside until both shoot their load.

Caleb Strong and Patrick Dunne naked by the pool

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