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Mason Coxx fucks Jess Taylor

The guys at Extra Big Dicks are getting the new year started a little early two hung newcomers, Mason Coxx with a 9 inch cock and Jess Taylor and his 8 inch dick. Mason is in the bathroom shaving and getting ready for a party when Jess comes in. Jess sees the huge schlong on Mason and decides they can be a little late for their friends. They go into the living room and settle into a chair where the dick sucking begins. Mason takes out Jess’ dick and starts sucking. He takes in every inch of his friends big dick while his own is getting hard and looking impressive with a nice upward curve. Jess returns the favor by slurping down all he can of Mason’s cock. Mason is obviously having a good time as he talks dirty to Jess and slaps his face with his hard dick. Not that Jess minds as he looks up into Mason’s eyes with a lusty puppy look. Mason’s had enough of the oral action and spreads Jess ass cheeks apart to get a look and prepare him for what’s about to cum. Mason slides his long raw cock around Jess’ hole and along his crack before putting on a condom and plunging in balls deep into Jess’ hole. Jess loves Mason’s big cock and takes every inch up his butt. Jess jerks his thick tool while Mason fucks him and shoots his load across his stomach. In a fitting finish, Mason pulls out when he is close and jacks his jizz onto Jess’ face. With so much cum on Jess he’ll need to get in the shower before they head out.

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