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Amos the ripped & tattooed marine jerks off

Sean Cody features amateur men but they definitely are not average looking guy next door types. Straight US Marine Amos is an excellent example. He has kept up with an extensive workout routine since finishing boot camp and all that PT and recreational sports play really shows. From his neck with bulging trapezius all the way down to his calves, when he makes any move some well defined muscle of his body is flexing. A guy like him has every right to be cocky but that isn’t Amos. He has a friendly voice, warm smile, and open minded attitude that is just as easy to identify during his interview as the growing bulge in his shorts. Lucky for us, the shorts don’t stay on long and we get a look at his equally impressive cock. It isn’t huge but proportionate to his body with the head resting just below his navel as it stands erect.

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