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Olive skinned Sal has become a member’s favorite at Southern Strokes since the tour of Texas and Neil is a newcomer that is establishing a loyal following with the redhead lovers. In the latest scene these two amateurs hook up for a romp on the hay. On the hay as in the guys were horny and ready to go so they simply pull a few bales together and covered it with a flannel blanket for a real southern fuck scene. Sal really dominates the action this time around and Neil makes for an excellent submissive (both oral and anal). First Neil sucks on Sal’s cock. It doesn’t take long before Sal is fully hard and pushes his dark cock into Neil’s mouth and throat. The close ups provide a nice contrast between the dark skin of Sal with the pale white skin and scruffy red facial hair of Neil. The look of these two gets even better as Sal fucks the pale red haired southern boy’s ass. The ass plowing is so good that even the crickets get into it. They seem to get louder the longer the guys go at it and Neil adds a bit to the sound track himself, moaning and grunting as he takes Sal up his butt. Such a good scene couldn’t end any better either as Sal shoots his load across Neil’s face and the cum runs from his chin down his neck and chest. Sal doesn’t mind getting his own cum in his mouth and plants a long kiss with plenty of tongue on Neil’s lips. YUMMY!

Sal fucks Neil then gives a facial cumshot

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