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Casey uses his first anal sex toy as he jerks his uncut cock

Red haired straight boy Casey is back at Spunk Worthy and ready to try something new. He isn’t ready for a real gay sex experience yet but said he would be willing to use a toy on himself as long as it wasn’t some monster dildo or anything like that. Luckily, the guys have a small butt plug that will be perfect for Casey’s first anal penetration. Before we get into the action of the scene I must say that Casey is one of the cutest in terms of pure cuteness they have had at Spunk Worthy lately. His freckled skin, rosy cheeks, and short gingered hair with pale skin and hairless chest makes him so doable. Now to the action… Casey strips naked and starts to play with his uncut dick a bit before grabbing the blue butt plug and plenty of lube. As he will be putting the toy in his ass, we get a good close up look at this 23 year olds hairy virgin hole. Casey said his girlfriend once licked his ass but he’s never put anything in it before. From the look on his face as he slides it in, I believe him. Seeing the look on his face once he is used to it and moving it around in his butt as he jerks off, I’m betting it won’t be the last thing that goes up his hole. Casey is breathing heavy and his face and chest turn dark red as pushes the toy deep into his ass and releases his inner pressure shooting his cum onto his hairy belly.

watch Casey get off at Spunkworthy

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