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Peters twins gay four way with Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec

The Peters twins met up with Vadim Farrell and Florian Nemec at a previous shoot and wanted to get to know the guys better which as we know is code for fuck them. They finally get the chance and then some. Both guys visit the twins at the same time and it isn’t long before all four men are balls deep in sex. Fans of the twins already know that Milo and Elijah are no strangers to each others cock and ass and newcomers may be surprised at how close these brothers get with each other as the action heats up. All four guys suck each other big uncut cocks and make out with each other before the rimming acts a preview for who is going to get fucked first. Vadim and Florian are happy to fill the brother’s asses with their hard cockĀ  and we are treated to a position I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen before (and now want to try). The bothers 69 with each other as both get screwed from behind. That part alone is worth it! As with usual Bel Ami style, the cumshots are big and as you can see above, at least one of the twins loves the taste of cum.

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