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Blake Powell has gay sex with Gabriel Cross

Blake Powell moves fast as he works his way through the hot willing men at Randy Blue. It was just a few weeks ago that Blake was showing off his ripped jock body while stroking his cock in his debut video. A week later he was having sex in the locker room with Roman Todd. Today he conquers the amazing ass of Gabriel Cross.

The guys are already rubing each other dick through their jeans during the interview and both are getting hornier by the second. They flip a coin to see who is going to top and Blake wins although I don’t think it would have mattered much as Gabriel loves to get fucked and Blake is an awesome top. Blake gets naked first and Gabriel sucks Blake to full erection and rubs his hands across his ripped abs and chest while deep throating his hard cock. Blake goes down on Gabriel next but doesn’t suck him for long because he wants what he wants and today that is Gabriel’s awesome butt. Blake moves back and forth from Gabriels cock to his ass with his tongue. With the entire area from Gabriel’s balls to his tight hole covered in saliva , he is ready to be fucked. Blake bends Gabriel over the arm of the couch and slides his hard dick up Gabriel’s wet hole. Gabriel loves the cock and Blake loves giving it to him. The fucking gets pretty active at times with Gabriel yelling “fuck me harder” as Blake pounds the little guys behind.

watch Blake fuck Gabriel at Randy Blue

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