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Adam Scott looks like an average skinny guy but listen to him talk about his sex life and jack off habits it becomes clear that he is dirty boy. Adam had his first gay sex experience when he was 15 in a burned down home. He is mostly a top that doesn’t mind fucking men in public places. In addition to the burned house he has also had sex in a state park and jerks off every chance he gets too, even in the break room at work or public bathrooms. One time in the library he even jacked off for a group of people that watched.

Today Adam is all ours. He strips down to a pair of underwear and gives his cock a few tugs to get it semi hard before pulling it out. His dick looks big on his skin and bones body and has a little curve to it. Adam strokes his meat nice and slow pausing to spread his ass and show us his hairless asshole. His butt looks nice… too bad he’s only a top. Adam goes back to jerking off and the camera guy gets some cool angles and close ups up to and including the cum shot.

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