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tattooed amateur guy jacks his 9 inch dick

This is Barry’s third jack off at Island Studs but members can’t get enough of him. This 19 year old college student loves to run and was even on the track team in high school. That is probably how he keeps suck a lean body. His chest and stomach are naturally hairless but when he drops his shorts we see that that isn’t the case down below. Barry like to keep it natural down there and claims that he has never shaved or even trimmed his pubes. Most guys trim or shave to make their dicks look bigger but Barry has no need for that silliness… his cock is 9 inches long. Barry is a shower so his cock looks just as big soft as it does when it gets hard. Barry gets more relaxed in front of the camera this time around and gives a few shots of his running boy butt and rubs himself like he does while jacking off at home. Finally, if you’re into big cummers, you are going to want to see this boy’s cum shot. You can’t see it in the picture above very well but the owner of Island Studs says that Barry’s cum squirts so forceful that it splats a good 7 feet from him.

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