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Two exciting things are going on now at Active Duty. This week’s video update, a scene from the upcoming release “Frontline 3” featuring Kale, Cory, and Diego in a very hot three way and secondly, the pre-summer membership special.

Kale, Diego, and Cory have gay 3 way

three hunky military men have a gay three way

Kale is already a rising star among Active Duty members having done two sex scenes with Dustin and Vance. This scene with Diego and Cory is going to help him and will be sure to get some engines revving. The three men start on the bed together watching some straight porn. Kale is excited about today because it is is first all guy three way and he has no idea what is going to happen. He keeps looking at Diego and Cory as they all jerk off together. Diego is the ripped dude on the left in the uppermost picture sporting the most ink and Cory is on the right. Diego catches Kale looking and senses his reluctance to get things started so he reaches out to start stroking Kale. Once Diego starts things Kale goes into sex mode and reaches over to grab hold of Cory’s dick. The action gets more intense as the three guys take turns sucking each other for a while. When Kale’s ass is covered with spit from a rimming the fucking isn’t too far behind and that is when thing kick into overdrive. All three guys get a chance to be top and all three bottom in this non stop sex fest that ends with one of the three getting a face full of cum.

Membership Special

Active Duty recently announced a limited time membership offer that features prices that are too good to pass up. The special includes a 2 day trial membership for only $2.95. Frankly, the tour at Active Duty doesn’t give a good idea of all the great content inside and many don’t want to shell out the usual $24 to see. This offer will let surfers go in an look around with little to lose. If you like the site and stay, membership renews monthly at only $19.95 and will give full access to streaming videos archives and weekly warchest updates. That is $5 less than the normal monthly membership cost. The offer gets better if new members sign up for the 180 day (6 months) deal for $89.95 to save $30 and get a DVD of “Summer Recruits” included as long as supplies last.

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