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muscle daddy Harley Everett has gay sex with tattooed jock Leo Helios

In May we were treated to the arrival of hot tattooed jock Leo Helios and muscle hunk Harley Everett who each jerked off for our enjoyment. Now we get to see both these hot uncut men together and like the old Reese’s commercial says it’s “two great taste that taste great together”. We don’t really get to taste them (although I would lick my tongue across either of them) but we do get to watch them suck each others dick before the fucking begins. Leo goes down on Harley first to get him good and hard then Harley sucks Leo’s dick as he stands on the bench. You can easily see how big Harley is as Leo stands on the bench and Harley sucks him. Harley is 6’4″ (190 cm) and Leo is a petite 5’7″ (167 cm) tall. The guys move to a semi 69 with Leo continuing to slurp on Harley’s big meat and Harley licks Leo’s ass. We are given a nice close up view of his sweet saliva covered hole before Harley puts a condom on and begins to slide his 8 inch cock up Leo’s tight butt. Leo loves the big dick up his ass and gets even harder himself the more Harley fucks him. And fuck him Harley does too! The guys screw in at least three positions ending with Leo on his back and legs up in a face to face position. Leo spurts his load across his ripped abs then grabs Harley’s cock to milk his jizz and adds to the mix. The end result is a shower of cum that lands over Leo’s shoulder and leaves a trail across his tattooed chest and stomach. Awesome!

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