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tanned and tattooed straight guy shows off his naked body and hard cock

Logan Taylor recently spent the weekend with another straight amateur (Austin Perry) at the Southern Strokes lake house. The guys partied hard most of the weekend but did take the time to each do a jack off video for our enjoyment. Logan works as a personal trainer so he gets plenty chance to work out and sculpt his body. It shows! They tell us that Logan barely had a shirt on the entire weekend and looking at his amazing dark skin I can believe it. Logan has an amazing tan that is best seen when he drops his pants to show us his hairy white boy ass. The contrast of his skin really shows just how dark he really is while the big bush and hairy ass are going to be a big turn on to some of you. Logan trims his chest but leaves the rest of his body hair intact.

After showing off his muscular body and hairy ass he gets to work stroking his 6.5 inch cock. Like a lot of first timers, Logan has a little trouble getting hard at first. He closes his eyes and starts rubbing himself to forget the world is watching and gets hard. Logan’s jack off is pretty standard for a real amateur. He pumps his cock with one hand while rubbing his balls and body with the other. All the while his eyes closed dreaming of something that obviously gets his juices flowing. His pumping gets intense before he lets a stream of jizz loose that runs down his hard dick and lands in his thick pubes.

watch Logan get off at Southern Strokes


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