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Cliff Jensen dressed as a police officer forcing Thrasher to suck his dick then fucks him

Cliff Jensen is a police officer assigned to the “Occupy Ball Street” set in LA. He is patrolling the tent city when he spots a long haired guy pilfering through someones tent. Officer Cliff catches Thrasher in the act and makes a decision to deliver his justice on the scene. Cliff starts by opening his pants for the tattooed dude to suck his fat cock. Cliff uses his billy club on the bad boys butt next. He sodomizes the tattooed dude’s ass with a night stick next. Thrasher begs for mercy but Cliff doesn’t know the meaning of easy. After the stick, Cliff pushes something bigger up Thrasher’s butt; his hard fat cock. Thrasher bucks and squirms as Cliff plunges his thick dick into his behind but eventually gets used to it and even starts stroking his own dick as the horny cop fucks him.

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long haired twink jacks his big shaved cock

Alaric is a bisexual boy that is hard to classify. He is tall, thin, and smooth (twink), pale with long blond hair and dark eye makeup (goth). Alric starts on the Alternadudes rooftop like many of the models and gives us a preview of whats to come. He removes his black shirt to expose his pale hairless body and has a little fun with some head dresses that look awesome with his long blond hair. Alric moves inside to tease us more by opening his jeans and exposing the top of his big shaved cock. For a skinny guy his dick looks good and thick while the shaved pubes match well with his smooth body. Once Alric is naked he bends over and spreads his ass cheeks to show off his equally smooth hole. Alaric admits that he has bottomed for men before but doesn’t spend much time fingering his hole. Instead, he lays back on a big office waiting room type chair and gets to work stroking his cock. He really gets into as he goes pumping his hips to push his slicked up dick through his tight grip. The breathing gets heavy and he lets out a long sigh as the cum oozes from the head and runs down his hand and wrist. Alaric may not be much of a cummer but he sure does put on a nice show and is very easy on the eyes too.

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Inked skater dude has sex with a clown and gorilla at halloween party

As I was listening to the radio earlier today the song “Everyday is Halloween” by Ministry was on. Go figure with it being Halloween and all. Anyways, the lyrics of the song got me thinking about all the punkers, goths, and other alternative guys that get it on at Alterna Dudes. I knew that if any site was doing something special for the holiday it would be them and I’m glad that I checked it out because this is too much fun! The Halloween update features a tattooed skater boy with plenty of ink and piercings having a three way with a sadistic clown and a furry black gorilla. As they set up for the party all three guys play pumpkin fucker and slide their cock into a carved out pumpkin. They return later in costume and ready for some fun. Big dicked Stagg dressed as the horny clown and Dustin naked in a gorilla suite. Austin Mitchell quickly becomes their bitch and is put to work sucking Stagg and Dustin’s dick. It’s ironic that Stagg has a completely shaved crotch leaving nothing to obstruct our view of Austin’s mouth moving up and down his dick while the hair from the gorilla outfit is so long that we can barely see Dustin’s dick. Austin does a number on both guys as he strokes his own dick. Stagg is super horny and ready to plow some ass. He bends Austin over to his hands and knees, moves in behind, and fucks the horny skater dudes ass. Dustin takes off the gorilla suite as Stagg pounds Austin’s behind. On Dustin’s return, Austin flips onto his back to orally service his friends until they both shoot their load onto his face. In the end Austin has a big smile on his cum covered face and why not? It looks like he had a very happy Halloween.

watch the Halloween 3 way video here

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Adam Moon reminds me of the song “New Age Girl” by Dead Eye Dick. Aside from his last name being Moon (maybe Mary’s brother) he looks like a new age boy. Adam had dark hair and a scruffy face. With such a thin body he may be a vegetarian or maybe just a starving artist. Finally, watching him play with his hard cock it is very clear that he loves his bone. I like his bone too! When Adam takes off his clothes you notice his trimmed chest hair, a number of tats, and a big bulge in his tight blue underwear. Talk about a nice package, Adam has it. He sits back in the chair to play with his dick through his underwear until it is good and hard. His long dick stretches all the way to his bony hip making an impressive view. When he takes his underwear off we get the first look at his long hard cock. Adam strokes his dick, paying special attention to the head and switching his grip every so often for maximum stimulation. Adam’s profile doesn’t say if he is straight like a lot of the guys at Alterna Dudes but my guess is that he is either gay or bi. After a few minutes of rubbing his cock his other hand moves down to finger his hairy ass. I don’t know many straight guys that play with their ass while jerking off but have met a few so… Actually it doesn’t matter, I’d be happy to suck Adam off anytime. He continues to jack his dick and his breathing gets faster until he says “I’m getting ready to cum” and lets loose a flow of thick cum that runs over his fingers and covers the long shaft of his dick.  After he cums, Adam leans his head back with his head in the sun from the window, closes his eyes, and basks in the warmth and after orgasm feeling.

Naked tattooed dude strokes his big dick while fingering his ass and cums

Tattooed skater DT rolls into Alterna Dudes for a jack off video that is sure to make people happy. With a shaved head, beautiful eyes, and lean body he is a looker even with all his clothes on. We get a good look at his tattoos and smooth body as he takes his shirt off. Next comes off his pants and you can already tell he has something special between his legs from the huge bulge showing in his boxers. For a guy with a relatively hairless chest; DT has hairy legs and lots of underarm hair. All of you hairy pit guys are going to love the way he raises his arm above his head as he jerks his big cock. And about that cock… YES it is big and not by way of creative camera angles. To show just how big it is, DT holds his hard dick against a coke can. Obviously you can see for yourself in the picture that his cock is bigger than the soda can. He uses both hands to stroke that monster then straddles his long board and shoots his milky cum across the black grip tape covering his second favorite play toy.  Watch the video here.