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Mike has gay sex with Brian and cums

One of the best parts about the updates at Bad Puppy is the amateurs. The latest update caught my attention for a few reasons. First, both guys are hot. Brian Bonds is a semi-hairy man with reddish hair and a beard. Mike Rivers is all American twink with barely a hair on his chest and a baby smooth face that scream come fuck me. Brian will get to that but first the guys are going to move to a secluded equipment storage room behind the scenes at a local gym. Brian already has his shirt open exposing his hairy chest and driving Mike crazy. Mike starts licking his way down Brian’s chest and stomach to get at his semi-hard dick. Brian gets Mike naked next and starts sucking his dick. For such an innocent looking guy, Mike has a nice cock and a tattoo.

Once the men are both hard and rearing to go, Brian moves behind Mike to prep his sweet ass for a hardcore fucking. Brian spreads the smooth ass cheeks to make way for his face and tongue. Brian gives the twink a good rimming then puts on a condom to penetrate his ass. Brian goes in slow at first as Mike squirms from the hard cock going up his tight ass. After a few deep slow strokes Mike is relaxed and ready for more. Brian goes in deep as Mike rides his cock then fucks him doggy style and face to face. With his leg lifter over Brian’s shoulder and a cock deep up his as, Mike strokes out his cum load first. The jizz looks awesome on Mike’s flat abs with a slight hint of man fuzz. Brian pulls out in time to add his load to the creamy mix too.

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Bad puppy recently featured two young men that different in many ways but share one attribute that is sure to please the size queens in our group. Both American amateur Blake Thomas and euro twink Simon Tanner are nicely hung.

Blake Thomas – American Amateur

Blake Thomas shows his big hard cock

Blake is a 21 year old amateur from the fields of Indiana. He has a friendly farm boy attitude to go along with his farmers tan. Blake is an average looking guy next door type that you wouldn’t notice in a crowd, unless he was naked and hard at least. While his face and body are average, his hard cock is not! Looking at Blake soft you’d think he is about the same size as most other guys but when that thick piece of meat between his legs get hard, watch out. Blake is impressive stroking his thick cock that looks about 8 inches to me. Unlike a lot of guys, Blake doesn’t shave or trim his pubes and sports a big bush at the base of his big tool. Blake inserts his finger deep as he strokes his cock until shooting a nice load of cum onto his semi hairy chest and big mound of pubes.

Simon Tanner – Euro Twink

euro twink Simon Tanner sits naked with hard uncut cock
Simon is a blond twink type featured in the euro section of the Bad Puppy collection. Simon gets naked and shows off every bit of his lean ripped body with hairless chest and small pink nipples. When he drops his underwear we see the similarity with Blake, his bushy pubes and big cock. Simon’s uncut dick looks about 8 or 9 inches and has plenty of foreskin to play with. Simon is obviously more experienced in front of a camera and does a slow strip before he sits to stroke his big dick. Simon does a good show right up to the cumshot. He isn’t a sprayer like Blake but instead has his jizz run down the back of his hand. At least at the end he holds it up and plays with it so we can see how much juice actually flowed from this sexy 23 year old euro boy.

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Smooth 19 year old Euro twink Jiri Merta jacks his big uncut cock

I’ve been a member of Bad Puppy longer than any other gay porn site. Usually I’m cruising the live feeds or bonus sites looking for new sites and new models to keep my eye on. Sometimes I check in and see a cute model on the member’s home page that catches my attention and this morning a 19 year old Euro twink named Jiri Merta caught mine. This smooth bodied blond is so dang cute fully dressed that I couldn’t wait to see him naked. When he took off his shirt and I seen his naturally smooth body and ripped twink abs I was in lust. The juices really get flowing as he takes off his pants and starts stroking his big uncut cock. Jiri’s cock is thick all the way up the shaft and narrows to a tappered foreskin covered head for about the last 2 inches. As if his cute face, amazing body, and big dick aren’t enough, the white back ground and purple props used by photographer William Higgins contrast well with Jiri’s pale to tanned skin tones. If you like twinks or uncut men you’re going to go gaga over Jiri Merta at Bad Puppy.

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Uncut cock of Lucas Santos and Roman Herman

As I was looking at the latest models at Bad Puppy I noticed that two of the last three were drawing my attention. Lots of gay porn surfers have a “type” which translates into a niche site. As a gay porn mega site, Bad Puppy doesn’t post from a single niche. However, both the guys that caught my attention (Lucas Santos and Roman Herman) have nice uncut cocks. Aside from that, they don’t have much specific in common except that both are exceptional looking men in their own way.

Lucas Santos is a muscular Latino with a tight jock body adorned with a two color tribal tattoo. One look and it is obvious that Lucas spends time in the gym or trains like a navy SEAL. From his shoulders to his legs, Lucas is big and ripped. Yes, that includes a 6 pack abs and even his smooth dimpled jock butt. His body is nearly hairless except for a treasure trail running from his navel to his trimmed pubes. My guess is that bottom boys will dream of Lucas slamming their asses for days after seeing him in action.

Roman Herman has an average body with little fat but not a lot of muscle either. His cute face and the costume of white shirt and kilt is an instant turn on. For a guy that looks twinkish with a very smooth face, Roman has a little hair on his chest that he keeps trimmed and plenty of hair on his ass and legs. Roman gives us plenty of his ass to see too when his kicks his legs in the air to finger his butt while jerking off. If Lucas is a bottom’s dream than Roman is the cute eager bottom that an experienced top could teach a thing or two.

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Rod daily and Parker Perry naked

If you get turned on by Vin Diesel you’re going to love Rod Daily. He is the closest model in gay porn to Vin that you are going to find. From his shaved head to his tattooed hunky body Rod has it going on. In his latest scene at Bad Puppy Rod teams up with hairy chested model Parker Perry. Rod’s long curved cock is already sticking out through the fly in his pants and hard when the action starts. Like me, Parker can’t wait to get at Rod’s cock and drops down to start sucking. Anatomically, Rod’s dick curves the wrong direction to go down Parker’s throat but he takes in every inch like the pro he is. When Parker gets his pants off Rod returns the favor and sucks on Parker’s thick uncut cock for a bit while sitting on a wooden bench. The sight of Rod’s hard dick standing out while he sucks Parker is one of my favorite parts. Parker reaches down to grip Rod’s big dick a few times as Rod rolls a condom onto his erect penis then the fucking begins. Rod barely moves from the sitting position as Parker turns to sit down on it. He bounces up and down on Rod’s lap letting his big dick move in and out of his hairy ass.

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uncut euro boys getting off at Bad Puppy

Sometimes it is nice to see the little guys take control. That is exactly what happened when tattooed euro-twink Jan Kedlubna hooked up with muscle hunk Marek Streda. The way that Marek grabs hold of Jan as they kiss and get undressed you would think that the skinny boy is going to be dominated. Jan knows what he wants though and apparently knows exactly how to get it. After sucking each other’s uncut dick Jan pushes Marek onto his back, puls his legs in the air and thrusts his tongue into the studs hairy ass hole. Once the hole is good and wet Jan takes his long uncut cock and begins to fuck Marek. I love to see the little guys take charge and Marek looks like he loves having the twink’s hard dick up his muscular ass.

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Amateur college jock Tyler Andrews shows his stuff in a blue jock strap then rubs one out for your viewing pleasure. Tyler is one of the original models found at Bad Puppy. This college jock has a great body! He takes off his tee shirt and gets his arms pumped doing some dumbbell curls. His biceps bulge and he starts to work up a little sweat that makes his defined hairless chest glisten in the light. He takes off his shorts and is left wearing only a blue jock strap. I had a hard time figuring out what I liked best; his tight ass hanging out the back of the jock or the big bulge showing from the front. Lucky for us all, Tyler hops up on the chair and spreads his ass wide open for a perfect view of his promised land. Then, he slides his hard cock out the side of his jock and starts stroking his engorged member. As he stands to take the jock off, his ripped abs and body look awesome and his cock stands out from his body ready for more attention. Attention is what Tyler gives it too. He strokes his cock and plays with his balls until he shoots his load in an impressive cum shot that you won’t want to miss.