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Anthony Price is the bi sexual boy that loves the cock as much as his girlfriend’s pussy. Grayson James is a big dicked straight guy that loves anal sex. His girlfriend is not letting his 9 inch cock anyplace near her bunghole. Good thing there are sites like Bait Buddies to hook these guys up and pay them to have sex on camera for our enjoyment. Anthony starts by sucking on the straight guys monster tool. He can’t take the full length down his throat but has fun trying. Grayson returns some of the oral pleasure but really wants to get to the fucking. He puts a condom on his growing cock for Anthony to sit on and take a ride. The big dick goes in slow at first as the bi boy loosens his ass sphincters making way for a big cock. Once loose, Grayson goes to town fucking Anthony hard and fast. Anthony strokes his load as Grayson fucks him and Grayson shoots his jizz onto the bi boy’s upper leg.

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Byrce Jones is a straight college student that thinks doing a jerk off video will be a good way to make some money for books and other expenses. David Hitch is a hairy gay guy that loves sex and is especially interested in getting it on with a straight boy. The two young men meet up at the Bait Buddies studio to each do their first porn video. Bryce isn’t too happy when he learns that David will be in the scene with him but he needs the cash so…

The guys get naked and start jerking off together. David can’t help but keep looking over to watch Bryce stroking his hard dick. When the producer tells them to move closer and play with each others dick bryce gets a little squirmy. That is until David grabs hold of his cock and starts stroking. It feels good having someone jerk him off. It feels even better when david bends over to start sucking on Bryce’s dick. Bryce keeps his eyes closed but loves the way it feels and even moves his hand onto the back of David’s head to push his face all the way down his dick. David has sucked dick before and has no trouble taking in every inch of the straight guy’s dick. Bryce doesn’t do so well when it comes time for him to return the oral pleasure. He gives it the college try but fails at sucking dick. Bryce redeems himself when it comes to fucking though. He does david doggy style first then flips him onto his back with legs in the air to pound the gay guys hairy ass.

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Gabe Lawson knows exactly what is going on and is happy to help seduce the unsuspecting straight boy Jason St. James into having some full on gay sex in this scene at Bait Buddies. James has no trouble getting naked in front of the producer and his costar. He gets hard with the slightest of touching himself as well. The guys are having fun and getting along fine when the talk turns to some man on man sex (as always). Jason doesn’t mind getting blown by Gabe but is hesitant to put the blond guys cock into his mouth. Eventually he does and seems to do a good job sucking the big dick too. The guys stand up to move positions when Gabe slaps Jason on the ass and tells him to take a ride. Jason’s gone this far so why not. The look on his face is painful at first as he sits down on Gabe’s condom covered dick but he relaxes in no time and is riding the white pony like a pro. The best part about the riding part is seeing Jason’s hard cock bounce and slap against his smooth stomach as he slides up and down. Jason lays on the sofa for a full on fucking with Gabe. The action looks great as these two go at it full steam. Jason grabs his dick to stroke out his load that sprays all the way up his hairless chest as Gabe is still in him and Gabe follows shortly after adding his own spunk to the mix.

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It looks like the pool parties and road trips are finish at Bait Buddies, for now at least. This week we are back to the ploy that made them what they are. Gay bait Jacob Ryan is horny and ready to be filled with cock. All Jacob has to do is play it cool when they bring unknowing straight boy Tony Royce in for his porn interview. Tony talks about what a good fucker he is and is ready to go. Too bad the girls don’t show up and both guys are already naked and hard. Both have lube covered cocks and Tony is looking ready to burst when the announcement is made. Caruso has plenty of practice talking unsuspecting straight dudes into getting blown but Tony didn’t take too much convincing. His cock was already throbbing and was going to nut one way or another before he left. Might as well get blown, even if it is from a guy. Looking at Tony and his nice cock, Jacob is one lucky bitch. Jacob starts by sucking tony and then Tony tries to suck Jacob but can’t seem to get over having a dick in his mouth for the first time. Jacob’s having fun and doesn’t care as his cock is fine, it’s his ass that needs attention. Tony mounts Jacob from behind first then fucks him face to face while holding up his hairy leg. The sound of Tony slamming his dick all the way and skin slapping together is so damn hot. Jacob strokes his cock and shoots a nice wad onto his smooth chest. Tony pulls out of the gay guys butt and jerks his load onto Jacob’s stomach. Tony put on a heck of a show and his matter of fact conversation after the shoot is priceless.

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I’m always turned on by southern boys. The drawl, farm boy bodies, manners, and horse sized dicks. I’m not sure if Beau Kennedy is from a farm or even from the south but he has all the southern qualities I like, especially the big dick. Beau answered an add looking for guys to be in a porno video. He is on the casting couch with another guy, Noah Springs. The guys talk about why they want to do porn and how much they will get paid. The producer instructs them to strip naked so he can get a good look at them. Noah is a dark skinned twink with a thin hairless body and average sized cock. Beau is a tall skinny redhead. His body has a few tattoos but his real impression is made when he drops his pants to let his 9.5 inch trouser snake out. Everyone in the room is impressed with beau’s big dick. When the producer tells Beau that the scene they are shooting would be with him and Noah he gets a little riled and wants to leave. After some smooth talking, and a lot more money,¬† Beau decides to stay and starts stroking his dick to get hard. Noah moves his face closer then puts his mouth on Beau’s dick. That does the trick! Beau is hard in short order and appears to be enjoying the expert blowjob from his new gay buddy. Noah tries to get a BJ back but Beaus isn’t too keen on having another man’s dick in his mouth. He doesn’t seem to mind having his dick up another man’s ass though. Noah positions himself over Beau to lower his small tight butt onto the straight guys hard cock. There is no doubt from the look on his face or the way he compliments Noah that he loves the feel of fucking Noah in the butt. Beau continues to slam Noah’s ass in a few positions until they end up with Noah on his back and legs in the air. Noah shoots first, jerking his cock while Beau fucks him then beau pulls out and jerks his junk to add his own spunk to the pool of cum running across Noah’s tight belly.

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It’s another case of bait and switch at Bait Buddies. This time it is straight Latino dude Manny Diaz that must decide how badly he needs the money. Manny answered an ad calling for amateur men to appear in a straight porn video. Gay jock Zach Alexander shows up as well but he already knows what is going to happen. The girls don’t show up and after hours of waiting the producer makes an offer to the guys; do a scene together and still get paid. Manny isn’t interested at all in doing anything with a guy; even a guy as hot as Zach. Zach plays his part well and acts like he doesn’t want to either even though he’s itching to get Manny’s cock in his mouth and up his ass. Just as Manny is ready to leave, the producer makes one last offer of more money if the boys will stay and play together on camera. Manny is desperate for the cash and says yes. At first the guys strip naked in front of each other, show off their cocks, and start jerking off. While Manny isn’t ugly, it is definitely Zach that caught my attention. Zach has an amazing body with ripped abs, a hairy chest, and an impressive 8.5 inch cock. After the guys stroke a bit they take turns touching each others hard dick then Zach moves in to give Manny a blow job. Manny is embarrassed to have a guy suck his dick but seems to really like it. The producer tells Zach to bend over and take Manny’s dick up his ass. This is what Zach has been waiting for and easily does as he’s told. Manny slides his dick in slow at first but once he sees how good the jocks boy’s ass feels he gets into it and fucks the hell out of Zach eventually shooting his hot Latino jizz ¬†across Zach’s furry 6 pack abs.

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Here’s the set up for those unfamiliar with Bait Buddies. A straight guy answers an ad looking for actors to shoot straight porn. The girl does not show and the director tries to talk the guys into doing a video together. One of the guys is a gay plant (the bait) that is more than happy to help out. In this case the straight guy is a big Texan named Chasen. I say big because Chasen is 6-5 and has a wide 9 inch (23 cm) cock. The gay bait is Damon Audigier; a dark skinned Indian.

Chasen and Damon are given some flesh jacks to play with. The way Damon looks at Chasen’s 9 inch dick you know that he is longing for it. Damon sucks the big meat down his throat with excitement. Chasen attempts to suck Damon’s uncut dick but isn’t too much into it. When the director asks Chasen to fuck he is reluctant but agrees for more money. Chasen pounds his partner’s ass something fierce. Damon seems to love it as his dick gets harder and he quickly shoots his wad while Chasen slams his tight ass. After the scene is over both guys gives an interview and talks about his experience. I’ll let you watch the video yourself to see what Chasen had to say about his first gay porn video.

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