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This week the webmaster of Twinks dot com announced some major changes. First, there is a new tour that gay porn surfers will enjoy more. The new tour shows a preview of the latest updates and allows surfers the opportunity to search through hundreds of scenes online in the members area before joining. Search by model name, jack off scenes, or hardcore “buddy” scenes. You can search for your favorite twink model like Luke Desmond, Devin Moss, or Seth Knight pictured below and see exactly what they have done or browse through scenes sorted by jack off or hardcore “buddy” sex. Not all the guys are exactly “twink” material but with over 100 guys to choose from there is bound to be something for everyone.

Seth Knight – Twink of the Year 2011

seth knight shows his smooth lean body and 8 inch cock

This little guy is so dang cute and talented. He has a little body with nearly any fat, a few tattoos, a super sweet ass, and a very nice 8 inch cock. As if watching Seth jack off wouldn’t be good enough, he has a few buddy scenes online that showcase his sexual expertise at swallowing dick and getting fucked. Some times he does both at the same time in a three way action scene that ends with both his sex partners fucking him at the same time. I love double penetration scenes and seeing it happen to a twink like Seth that really enjoys it makes it all that much better.

Bonus: Kinky Twinks at Boynapped

gay twinks do bondage and light S&M sex acts

Also starting this week, members of Twinks.com also get access to Boynapped included.These kinky twinks get into all kinds of alternative gay sex action. I have chosen a few preview pictures from scenes added in the past 30 days for the picture above. You can see even in this limited preview that the guys use props like straight jackets, rope, handcuffs, and slings to bind these cute young things then add things like candle way, clips, electrical simulators, and clamps to keep things interesting. Boynapped is not a hardcore fetish site but a good time for guys that like things a little kinky but vanilla enough not to cause any permanent damage or scars.

Even with the addition of Boynapped the monthly subscription price for Twinks remains competitive at $24.95 a month or you can preview the members area with a limited trial now for only $4.95.


twink sucks hanging mans 10 inch cock and gets cum facial

My favorite big dicked twink, Steven Prior is the guest of honor this week at Boynapped. Steven is stripped naked and has his hands and feet tied together. Then they suspend him from a rope about 6 feel in the air between two concrete columns. The height is important because it is nearly perfect for resident twink Kenzie Madison to get below Steven and deliver a blowjob. Kenzie looks great with his ripped smooth body and Steven’s uncut 10 inch cock going in and out of his mouth. Even better yet is the end when Steven spurts his cum down Kenzie’s face and chest.

Steven gets off elevated at Boynapped

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Gallery Of the Day

Kenzie Madison is punished at Boynapped
Sebastian must provide correctional discipline to Kenzie Madison in the form of a spanking. Bare handed and paddled, Kenzie’s ass turns bright red in this free photo gallery provided by Boynapped.

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Boynapped: Luke Desmond fucks Johnny Carlisle from behind then ties him to a ladder. Luke climbs over the bound twink to sit directly over his captive’s head. Luke jacks his 9 inch cock and commands Johnny to look up just as he shoots his cum onto Johnny’s face and smooth tattooed chest.

Rear Stable: Hairy hunks Wilfried Knight and Vince Ferelli are on the roof sucking each others cock. The beefy men move to the stairwell for an intense fuck session with Wilfried ramming his big cock up body builder Vince’s ass with nothing but some spit for lube.

Twinks: Brock Richmond is at home alone watching a porn video and getting off with his Real Touch sex toy when Tyler Mansfield comes in. Tyler gives the horny twink a taste of the real thing, slamming his big cock into Brock’s smooth twink ass.

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Tom McKenzie likes feet, as we find out when Sebastian has him tied down and naked. Sebastian puts his cold feet on Tom’s uncut dick and it really gets Tom going. His cock gets erect from the foot fondling. Liking it rough, Sebastian kicks Tom’s hard dick around and steps on its engorged head which drives him wild. Sebastian takes a big black rubber cock and slides it in and out of Tom’s tight smooth ass as he strokes his dick. Sebastian gets his own dick out and places it up against Tom’s, jerking the jizz from both tools.

Twink with shaved head is chained up and jerked off

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