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Blake Savage of Broke Straight Boys jerking off

Blake Savage is the latest straight boy to get naked and get off for cash at Broke Straight Boys. He does an interview telling us that he needs money bad to pay his rent. He takes off his clothes to show us his sexy baseball player body and furry ass crack. His dick is surrounded by a bushy pubic jungle that grows up the base of his growing cock. With some playing and stroking, his dick is at full erection and looking fabu. It looks like Blake relaxes as he starts to rub his smooth chest and stomach with his free hand as he continues to pump his hard cock. There are plenty of feet, balls, and cock photos and video close ups in this amateur jack off video online now at Broke Straight Boys.



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Anthony is back shortly after doing his solo video and ready to take things to the next level and start earning the big cash to be had at Broke Straight Boys. He is teamed up with BSB veteran Jimmy. During Anthony’s jack off video he spent a little time fingering his own ass but I’m not sure if he ready for a big dick like the one on Jimmy. With a pat on the back and a word of encouragement from Jimmy the guys get started. Jimmy says that some members have been asking to see him get hard while wearing his underwear. Jimmy wants to please and bought a new pair of boxers just for this scene. He’s such a nice guy isn’t he? Anthony may say yes or no. The way Jimmy pushes his fat cock deep into Anthony causes the first time cock sucker to cough and gag. That’s okay if you can’t suck his cock Anthony, jimmy has something in mind that doesn’t involve stimulating your gag reflex. Jimmy puts on a condom and lubes up as Anthony shows us his shaved butt hole. From the grimace shown by Anthony as Jimmy slides his dick up the straight boys ass, Anthony may have preferred to continue with the dick sucking. Eventually he gets used to it and Jimmy is allowed to cut loose and really give Anthony’s ass a proper breaking in.

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One of my recent favorites (blond haired and blue eyed Jack) is back at Broke Straight Boys with his friend Mark for some man on man sex. Mark is soft spoken but confident as he explains step by step exactly what the two straight guys are going to do with each other. First, I’m going do suck his dick, then he’s going to fuck me on my side and end missionary style; Mark says looking straight into the camera. Mark thinks he’s a good bottom which isn’t something you’d ever expect to hear a straight boy say. He did okay a few weeks ago getting rimmed and fucked by Darren a few weeks ago so he should know.

Mark makes good on his plan and gets right to work sucking on Jack’s dick. Jack gets hard pretty quick even though Mark doesn’t look like he is very good at sucking cock. He barely takes any of the man meat in his mouth. I guess getting blowjob is like pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s still pizza and having even a inexperienced straight guy sucking your cock can’t be all bad. Mark doesn’t look like he is enthused at all when Jack grabs his head to push his dick in deep but it is fun to watch the inexperienced cock sucker try to stop the tears from coming to eyes and gagging. Lucky for everyone that Jack is only using the blowjob to get hard and wet. As soon as Jack is ready he lays Mark on his side to fuck him. Mark definitely is a better bottom than dick sucker. Mark winces a little as jack slides his condom covered cock up his ass but soon relaxes and goes along for the ride. Even though he doesn’t mind getting fucked on camera for cash, I doubt that Mark is gay or even bi watching him get fucked because his dick stays as soft as can be as he gets screwed by Jack. Mark doesn’t want to disappoint his viewers and lets Jack finish the scene with an amazing cumshot.

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Kyle and David fill Price with their straight boy cocks

Price and new straight boy Kyle have already done a few scenes together complete with cock sucking and anal penetration. The guys at Broke Straight Boys decided it was time to take Kyle’s gay sex experience to a new level with a three way. They hook the amateur straight boy up with Price and David. They get naked very quick and sit back on the futon to start stroking their straight boy cocks. Kyle is almost instantly hard followed by Price and David. For a geeky kind of guy Kyle has a very nice cock with a big bush of all natural pubes. The guys do two versions of the BSB wave so that each of them gets sucked and sucks. No one is left out in the blowjob department. Price shows his experience and sucks both David and Kyle who stand beside him before the fucking starts. Price gets on his hands and knees to suck David as Kyle puts on a condom and slides his long cock into Price’s butt. Kyle fucks Price doggy style then flips him on his back to continue until shooting his load onto Price’s balls and stomach. Price gets fucked by David next then leans back to jerk off as David and Kyle finger his ass and rub his big smooth ball sack.

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Daniel and Price are back for cash. Daniel is the spiky haired straight boy with pierced nipples and Price is the tattooed rock band dude. Both guys have done a jack off video and recently did a scene together giving each other a blowjob. Both guys want more money and have agreed to come back with each other for an anal scene. The only problem is deciding who is going to bottom. To solve the bottom boy issue they agree to a game of rock-paper-scissors best 1 out of 1 wins and loser has to bottom. Price seems a bit upset when he sees Daniel’s rock which break his scissors. It’s all good though because as Price told us in his previous video, he sometimes likes it when his girlfriend puts her finger in his ass while blowing him. Daniel is excited that he will be doing the fucking. Daniel doesn’t ever really show excitement but it is obvious when he quickly takes off his underwear and is already three quarters hard. I almost forgot just how nice both guys cocks are but Daniel’s looks very nice as he stands next to com0pletely soft dicked Price.

Once both straight boys are naked they sit back down on the magical BSB futon and get to business. Daniel is already hard so he bends over to suck on Price’s dick. It isn’t long that Price is fully hard as well and looking equally as fine. Price returns the favor and sucks on Daniel for a while. Price is obviously the better cock sucker. He takes every inch of Daniel’s dick in his mouth. With Daniel completely hard and ready to go, he puts a condom on as Price grabs a bottle of ID Lube and preps his ass for penetration. Daniel goes very slow and gentle as he slides his hard cock up Price’s virgin ass. About half way in Price lets out a long sigh and winces a little prompting Daniel to stop and ask if he is okay. Once Daniel has his cock buried to the base in Price’s ass he immediately speeds up and starts to fuck Price. Daniel screws Price doggy style for only a few minutes before warning us he is about to cum. He pulls his dick out just in time to see the tip of the condom filling with his jizz. I guess Daniel isn’t used to the extra tight feeling of a man’s ass compared to his girlfriends loose pussy. Daniel dumps the cum from his used condom onto to Price’s hard cock then slides his finger into the opening. Price jerks his long dick with cum for lube while Daniel fingers his ass. Price arches his back and lifts his ass from the futon just before he shoots his load across his chest and stomach.

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The men at Broke Straight Boys masturbate, suck dick and fuck in first time gay sex, and once they become relaxed in front of the camera are asked to return for a chance to earn even more money as part of a group. That is what happens with Shane and Josh who have each been in one scene previously as they team up with broke straight boys regular Mike. After a short interview and discussion of the most important issue of how much each is going to make, the straight boys agree on a plan and get right to it. The guys strip naked. It seems as though Mike has more tattoos on his body every time he returns and he appears a little scruffier than usual too. He sits with Josh & Shane on the futon and they lend a hand to each other jacking their buddies cock. With all three semi hard they move into the signature BSB wave position. This formation is when all three are sucking dick and in this instance it is Josh sucking on Shane and Mike swallowing Josh’s hard cock. Shane, Mike, and Josh continue sucking each other’s dick for a while then jump into the fucking action. Josh easily agreed that he would be the bottom today but only by Shane. (how sweet) That left Mike to watch, give instructions, and feed Josh his hard cock while Shane fills his ass. We get an excellent look at Shane’s tall thin body as he hammers Josh’s virgin ass. The close up view of Shane’s long cock sliding back and forth with his ripped abs and dark treasure trail is great!

Mike and Shane continue to fuck Josh’s mouth and ass until Shane pulls out his throbbing cock and spurts his load across Josh’s body. The cum streams from Josh’s left shoulder and throat down his chest and belly. Josh cums next; adding to the puddle of spunk on his stomach. Mike adds his spunk to the mix with his signature explosive cum shot that propels a stream of cum across Josh’s shoulder and down to his crotch. Josh is covered in the 3 straight guys cum as they finish and head off to shower. I wonder if they shower together… Hmmmm?

Tattooed straight guy Phoenix is back after his jerk off video debut. This time he is partnered with Jamie. Phoenix takes off his tank top and pants to show off his dark smooth muscular body with a few tattoos and a pierced nipple. His ass looks mighty fine in the tight white shorts he’s got on . I think Jamie likes his ass too by the way he was gazing at it. Jamie and Phoenix get fully undressed and take turns stroking each other cock then suck each other for a while . Then Phoenix flips Jamie supine and drills his ass. Jamie jerks his cock as Phoenix pounds him and both jocks cum onto Jamie’s stomach.

Straight guys Phoenix and Jaime suck cock for cash

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