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hairy jock shows his ass and jerks his hard cock

Reid says that he is straight but his taste in porn may say more. Like most of the new guys that get off at Chaos Men, Reid does a few studio pictures before moving to the bedroom for his video. Reid had no trouble getting naked and showing off his lean hairy body but couldn’t get hard. He watched some straight porn to get him going but it did nothing. When they put a bisexual video in with two men fucking each other as a woman moved between them he was hard and ready. Reid’s cock looks very nice standing at attention from his somewhat ripped abs. Once done with the photos Reid moved into a room where he could continue to impress us by displaying his sweet ass then laying back to stroke a load.The owner of Chaos says that he doubts if Reid will be back for a blowjob like most of the guys there do but if he ever says yes, sign me up to fluff him. This hairy young man is hot!

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Chaos Men is a gay porn site featuring amateur men from Texas and some pro-am models that fly in to do special appearances. The site updates 3 times a week with solo models, straight guys being serviced, and bareback scenes. Bryan Ockert has an eye for the men from big dicked twinks to ripped gym bunny jocks and even some hairy chested men in the mix. This week we were treated to two scenes with hairy chested guys and an “Edge” feature with Logan Sparks that will leave many wet and jealous.

Darius Jacks His Uncut Cock

hairy chested amateur jacks his uncut cock

Darius started the week off with his jack off video. This first timer is a natural in front of the camera. Darius has short dark hair and a well groomed beard but that doesn’t make him look any older than the 20 that he is. His boyish face and friendly smile give him a young and approachable look. Darius tells us that he loves to show off and is comfortable being naked in front of people. A true exhibitionist! When he strips down to his boxers we get to see his tanned and hairy body. He isn’t ripped or jock-like but obviously in good shape. He takes his uncut dick out and starts stroking it until it is fully hard. His dick has a slight curve that would be perfect to slide down some lucky guy’s throat in a 69 position but that will have to wait. For now, Darius is only jacking off. He pulls his underwear off and does some poses to display his hairy ass, feet, and hard cock then lays back on the bed to stroke out his load. Darius doesn’t cum a lot but it does squirt pretty good sending a few drops up his chest and looks great against his dark skin and hair.

Logan Sparks Gets Serviced

blindfolded jock gets a gay blowjob

Logan Sparks did a solo scene at Chaos Men last week and looked awesome! Logan is a real gym jock with smooth body, ripped abs, and a nice big dick. Logan was a real turn on and was asked if he would be willing to do some man on man sex in the future. Logan said no gay sex but he may be up for getting a blowjob or jerked off by a dude. Bryan probably only had to make one call before he found someone willing to blow Logan. Hell, I would have done it in a heartbeat. This time Logan is sitting in a chair, blindfolded, and listening to something with headphones. He knows that it is a guy touching and blowing him but his cock gets hard almost instantly and stays that way… even after he cums.

Dwight Fucks Jamison Bareback

smooth jock fucks hairy guy bareback

Dwight is ready to fuck from start to finish in this scene with hairy chest Jamison. This is only Jamison’s second anal scene. His first was with Micah, who has a big dick and caused so much pain that he couldn’t stay hard let alone cum. Dwight has an average sized cock and goes a little easier on poor Jamison’s ass making for a good scene that ends with both guys shooting their load. Dwight is still uncomfortable with the whole gay sex thing and wont suck or bottom but doesn’t mind fucking a guy if it feels good so…

Jamison starts the action going down on Dwight and sucking him to hardness factor 10. You can see Dwight’s cock literally throb it is so hard and ready for action. Jamison controls the speed of entry by sitting on Dwight’s dick. He lowers himself very slow and winces a little as the Dwight’s raw cock head passes through the straight man’s anal sphincter. Once Jamison is adjusted and more comfortable with the feeling, Dwight takes control flipping Jamison onto his hands and knees to fuck him doggy style for a while. When Dwight has had enough from behind Jamison turns onto his back for a face to face fucking and (IMO) a better view of both guys bodies and Jamison’s face and chest. Jamison stays hard this time around and jerks his load onto his hairy belly shortly after Dwight unloads across his balls and ass.

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Uncut jocks have gay bareback sex

When Bryan (the owner and photographer of Chaos Men) set up the meeting between Ivan and Rory he anticipated that Ivan would bottom. He has done it before and is damn good at it. Fortunate or unfortunate, Ivan went camping the night before the shoot and arrived with his legs and ass all scraped up and bug bitten. Chaos Men is known for the close up high def camera action and there was no way that Bryan was going to be showing close ups of Ivan’s inflamed butt so… Rory volunteered to do it. Lucky thing for him and us because even as a bottom Rory puts on a great show and because personally, I love the look of Ivan’s hot body and we get to see him in an active role that shows off his muscles well. When the guys hook up Rory gets to it taking off Ivan’s shirt and pants to put his uncut cock in his mouth. Judging by the expressions and sounds of sexual pleasure coming from Ivan, it seems that Rory is very good in the cock sucking department. With Ivan’s dick hard and covered in saliva, Rory straddles Ivan to sit down on his raw cock. It has been a while since Rory has bottomed so he lowers himself slowly at first. Once his ass is loosened up a little the action intensifies and the real fuck action begins. Ivan pounds away as Rory plays with his own dick. We get some good close up views from Bryan’s camera as well as a point of view (POV) perspective as the guys pass a portable cam back and forth. I’m not a big fan of the POV cams but lots of my friends love them. This video was good in that it isn’t all POV but has enough to make us feel like we’re right in the action. Ivan flips Rory on his back and lifts his leg to thrust hard and fast into Rory’s smooth butt. Rory jerks out his load with Ivan’s cock buried deep in his ass then Ivan pulls out to deliver the cream pie onto Rory’s hole. The videos and guys at Chaos Men have always been top notch but watching this scene, it is obvious that the quality of filming is getting even better.

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Tattooed jock gets sucked and rimed then shoots cum on face

After Kristopher’s introductory jack off video they knew that he had to come back for a scene with another guy. Teo happily volunteered to be the one to serve the newbie straight boy. Little did anyone know that Kristopher’s bi curious side was only an uncut cock away. As Teo goes to work on Kristopher’s dick, Kris notices that Teo isn’t circumcised. Kristopher starts to play with Teo’s uncut meat while getting blown and slowly moves his head closer and closer to Teo’s hardening cock. It isn’t long before the guys are on their side 69ing and then Kristopher rolling on top of Teo. Even with Kris on top and after minutes of sucking, he still seems infatuated with Teo’s dick. Teo is supposed to be servicing Kris and gets back to it rimming the straight jocks amazing ass. You can’t possibly look at Kristopher on all fours and not confirm that his butt is nearly perfect. Lucky Teo gets his face right up and into Kris’ ass. He rims and fingers Kris’ hole and Kris seems to love every second of it. Even the fingering. As Kristopher gets close his cock moves back into Teo’s mouth. Teo is on his back and Kris is face fucking him when he busts his nut into Teo’s mouth and across his cheek. Within seconds, Teo is shooting his own load across his slightly hairy chest. While Kris is more the type of guy I usually go for, Teo looks pretty damn good with his face, chest, and stomach splattered with cum.

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AJ Monroe and Nash fuck each other bareback

HD bareback videos at Chaos Men

Back in March Brian of Chaos Men hooked up newcomer Nash with AJ Monroe and the rest, as they say, was history. The action between these two tattooed jocks is so hot that I have gone back to watch this video every time Nash comes back for more. The action moves fast as AJ gets right down to sucking Nash’s dick. Nash’s cock looks amazing coming out of AJ’s mouth rock hard and covered with saliva. Nash is anxious to get AJ’s cock out. He throws AJ on the bed and pulls down his shorts and underwear all at once. AJ’s cock is already hard and smacks against his belly as the shorts come down. Within 3 seconds Nash has AJ’s full cock in his mouth. Nash sucks AJ’s dick for a bit then the guys turn to 69. Both guys have very nice cocks and Brian moves around to give us plenty of close up views. The intense cock sucking was enough to get me off but these studs were just getting started. AJ moves behind Nash and pushes his spit covered cock up Nash’s tight ass. Personally, I notice the small things when watching porn and the look on both guys face as AJ pushes his dick in is great. Nash winces a bit and AJ’s expression is pure bliss. AJ pound Nash bareback from a few different positions then offers up his own jock butt for Nash to fuck. AJ takes a cock as good as he gets it. Nash goes to town fucking AJ with an equal fervor. Nash shoots onto AJ’s hole and AJ busts his nut while Nash pushes his dick in through the cum.

BONUS: Absolutely be sure to watch the out takes from this video. During a break in shooting, the guys are watching a straight porn where the girl is fucked while hanging from the guy. Nash says that he could hold AJ up and they give it a try.

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When Brian, the owner of Chaos Men, first discovered red haired Jonah he said that he was totally straight and only did a jack off video. Jonah has since been back for 5, yes five, further shows and moves closer to the bi side every time. In this bareback 3 way Jonah gets tag teamed by Gavin and Elliot and loses his cherry. The pair starts by stripping Jonah who, lucky for us, doesn’t shave his wonderful red bush. He is a real redhead for sure! With a dick like his he doesn’t need to do anything, it is just BIG. The guys all take turns sucking each other and Gavin & Elliot both suck Jonah at the same time. The three daisy chain as well then the condomless anal action starts. Elliot sucks on Gavin’s hard cock as Jonah slides his big unsheathed pole into Elliot’s ass. Gavin and Jonah switch places so that Gavin can get into Elliot’s tight hole as well. Then, in a big surprise, Jonah lays on his side and bottoms for the first time. While it doesn’t look like he liked it much at first he does get into it and shoots his load by the end. The entire high def video is half an hour long so it is divided into 2 parts. The introduction and oral action is in part 1 and the fucking and cum shots in part two. Enjoy!

Big dicked redhead has bareback 3 way with two guys

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