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dark muscle guy rubs feet and has gay sex with blond jock

Last week the owners of Cocksure Men announced that they were bringing bareback back in response to members overwhelming requests. To celebrate the event a scene; Ali, a tanned and ripped jock fucked the hell out of Jake Andrews bareback and shot cum across Jake’s stretched hole.

This week the treats for members with specific “tastes” continues in a scene with Cocksure exclusive Brady Jensen and Aaron Rivers called “Foot of the Bed”. The word foot being the word of the day. The men are both wearing only a pair of shorts and laying beside each other rubbing their feet together as the scene starts. The guys suck each others dick for a while and get completely naked. Even as Aaron sucks Brady’s cock we get a view of Brady’s feet. As usually happens, the cock sucking turns to fucking fast with Aaron taking the role of aggressive top. Aaron applies a handful of lube to his rock hard dick and slides it all the way up Brady’s ass. Aaron fucks Brady in a few different positions and the feet theme continues with the camera man giving frequent views of both men’s attractive feet. If you aren’t into foot porn don’t worry, the sex is hot and there is plenty other to watch as these two muscular men get each other off. Aaron pulls out in time to spay his cum first then gets behind Brady who jerks his load onto the bedsheets.

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Morgan Black and Cavin Knight suck cock, 69, and fuck in the grass

Cavin Knight is outside enjoying the warm air and cool breeze when he finds a grassy clearing. There isn’t anyone around and Cavin loves being naked so… he spreads a blanket and starts to jack off. Hairy stud Morgan Black is out enjoying a walk himself when he comes across Cavin with dick in hand. Morgan is a nudest himself and is wearing nothing but a pair of rugged work boots. Without a word between them, Morgan bends down to grab hold of Cavin’s rock hard cock. Stroking turns to sucking turns to a 69 session between the two men. Cavin’s cock looks great moving in and out of Morgan’s bearded mouth and Cavin tips his head way back to allow Morgan’s curved cock to slide down his throat. As Morgan arrived wearing only a pair of boots, I’m not sure where he found it but Morgan puts a condom on his hard curved cock and gets to work fucking Cavin’s ass. Cavin hasn’t looked better than he does on his hands and knees pushing back into Morgan’s dick for full length penetration. His arms, shoulders, abs, and ass all flex and move as they guys fuck from a few positions. Eventually Cavin ends up on his back stroking his cock as Morgan continues to fill his ass with cock and both men shoot their cum onto Cavin’s smooth muscular chest and stomach.

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Two blond jocks Brady Jensen and Casey Daniels suck cock, 69, and fuck

Since I was a teenager learning to masturbate I’ve had a thing for blonds and redheads. If the internet was around during those days Brady Jensen and Casey Daniels would have been on my “to do” list for sure. Both are blond and hunky. Hunky as in real men with muscular, low fat bodies. Brady is nice and smooth from his neck to his short, trimmed pubes, and completely hairless ass hole that we get a good close up look at as Casey rims him. Casey has a small bit of hair on his chest but is mostly smooth as well including his butt cheeks and hole. The two blonds start things off with kissing as they get undressed. The dick sucking starts before both are naked with Casey taking in Brady’s already hard cock. They get onto the bed for a dick sucking 69 that turns into a 69 rimming as they lick each others hairless holes. The photographer at Cocksure Men knows what we like to see and gives us plenty of close up views of tongues licking holes. With Casey’s ass good and wet and Brady good and hard the fucking starts as soon as Brady puts his condom on. Brady fucks Casey with his legs in the air from a kneeling and standing position. The only thing better than a blond is a blond with a face full of cum and Brady makes sure to give it to Casey. Brady moves up to cum into Casey’s open mouth. A little jizz gets on his face but doesn’t stay there long as Brady moves down to kiss Casey with a mouth full of cum and all.

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Jeremy Bilding’s latest adventure at Cock Sure Men starts with Luke Marcum tickle torturing him. Jeremy squirms around the bed and nearly hyperventilates. When Luke can’t get to Jeremy’s feet, he touches Jeremy anywhere else to the same effect. Tickling quickly turns to tasting as Luke licks and swallows Jeremy’s cock all the way down to his balls. Luke makes an attempt to rim Jeremy’s ass, but that throws Jeremy into another tickle-fit. Jeremy can’t take it any longer, and Luke’s hole is getting hungry so Jeremy puts on a condom and starts to pound his ass. Luke calls out “fuck me harder” and Jeremy conforms, thrusting away with reckless abandon. Jeremy sends Luke into orgasm, splattering Jeremy’s abs and chest. Jeremy¬† jumps on top of Luke, squirting his juicy cum load onto Luke’s face and chest.

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Bo Dean has a tall order in store for him named Dakota Rivers. Dakota is 6’3? of inked hunk! The guys get down to business, sucking on each others’ fat dicks. After getting his face fucked by Bo, Dakota has another hole he wants stuffed Bo saddles up and plugs Dakota’s tight ass with his huge dick. As usual, Bo is running on premium and screws Dakota with an passion no one else can match. Both studs jerk out huge white jizz loads that spray across the bed’s red sheet.

Bo Dean and Dakota Rivers have gay oral and anal sex

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