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Owen licks frosting off Jack's 9 inch cock then has anal sex with him

Dirty Boy Video did something special for Owen and Jack. Actually, it was pretty special for us to watch as well. Jack is bringing a birthday cake to Owen when his 9 inch cock accidentally slams into it. Damn shame to waste all that frosting Owen thinks to himself so he goes down to lick it off. Obviously Jack is okay with that. The blond hair and boyish face on Owen makes it so sweet and sexy when he swallows every hard inch of jack’s big uncut dick. Owen is a talented top too. He puts Jack over the table to fuck him doggy style then lays him on his back to do him face to face. Speaking of face… Jack’s looks awesome covered with Owen’s cum in the end.

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Owen gets a mouthful of cum from tattooed straight guy

My favorite dirty boy, Owen, is back with an open minded straight boy Jack for a blowjob exchange that ends with a facial cumshot at Dirty Boy Video. The guys start outside in a NYC park stroking their hard dicks and move back to Owen’s apartment for something a little to obvious for a public scene. Both guys take their dicks out and start stroking then Owen goes down to suck on Jack’s growing tool. Jack is a straight guy that loves head and doesn’t care who gives it to him. When it’s good enough and he is in the mood, he doesn’t even mind giving a little back. Owen must be good because Jack goes down to suck on Owen’s awesome cock next. The straight guy doesn’t suck the dick for long but Owen doesn’t seem to mind. He is right back at it slurping and sucking on Jack in no time. Owen jacks and sucks the thick dick until Jack gets close then opens wide for Jack to spray his load into his waiting mouth. Jack’s a real cummer! He ejaculates into Owen’s mouth so much that the jizz runs out and down the front of our blond boys mouth and chin. Owen looks so cute with a face full of cum.

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Adam Scott looks like an average skinny guy but listen to him talk about his sex life and jack off habits it becomes clear that he is dirty boy. Adam had his first gay sex experience when he was 15 in a burned down home. He is mostly a top that doesn’t mind fucking men in public places. In addition to the burned house he has also had sex in a state park and jerks off every chance he gets too, even in the break room at work or public bathrooms. One time in the library he even jacked off for a group of people that watched.

Today Adam is all ours. He strips down to a pair of underwear and gives his cock a few tugs to get it semi hard before pulling it out. His dick looks big on his skin and bones body and has a little curve to it. Adam strokes his meat nice and slow pausing to spread his ass and show us his hairless asshole. His butt looks nice… too bad he’s only a top. Adam goes back to jerking off and the camera guy gets some cool angles and close ups up to and including the cum shot.

Tattooed amateurs Owen and Kade suck and fuck

Kade has wanted to have sex with his friend Owen for a while. Finally one night while studying for university finals Kade comes clean and tells his tattooed friend that he wants to Owen to fuck him. Owen is always happy to help a friend and Kade is very cute so… The guys start making out as they undress each other. Both guys have a smooth thin body with ink but Owen definitely has a lot more tattoos than Kade. Kade can’t wait to get at Owen’s cock and goes down to start sucking. After some nice close ups of Owen’s cock moving in and out of Kade’s mouth the guys get into a 69 position with Owen on top. The saliva running down Kade’s cock and balls is making his asshole good and wet. Owen starts to finger his friend’s smooth shaved hole which sends Kade over the top. He asks Owen to fuck his hole now. Owen adds a bit of lube to Kade’s butt and slides his hard cock in. The stimulation is awesome from Owen’s dick and sends Kade into an orgasm that coincides rhythmically with Owen’s deep thrusts. With Kade’s hairless belly covered with his own cum, Owen moves up to spray his face. Kade opens wide to catch his friends jizz in his mouth but Owen is a sprayer. He sends cum flying, some in Kade’s mouth and the rest across his face and onto the brown bedsheets.

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19 year old blond haired and blue eyed Chris hooks up with dark haired 22 year old Josh for an afternoon of fun and plenty of cock sucking. Josh says he is mostly straight but enjoys an occasional blowjob or hand job with a cute guy. He found the right guy with Chris who I think is very cute. Chris says that he is an exhibitionist then starts making out and stripping with Josh while standing in front of a big window overlooking a parking lot. Both guys are thin with a smooth, hairless chest. Chris has a big tattoo on his back and a couple of small stars behind his ear. For a guy that identifies as mostly straight, Josh does most of the sucking in the video. He takes Chris’ cock deep into his mouth and sucks it like there is no tomorrow while jerking his own hard uncut dick. Of course Chris does some sucking as well and both guys shoot their creamy loads across Chris’ chest and stomach. With two good looking guys sucking each other off it is kind of funny but my favorite part of the video is at the very end when Chris says “I could get used to this. It was kinda fun.” Kinda fun!? If that hot cock sucking action was only kind of fun I can’t wait to see him in more guy on guy action at Dirty Boy Videos.

I don’t know where they find these guys at Dirty Boy Video. Chris Porter is their latest model. He starts fully dressed standing in a window about 3-4 floors up from a down town street. Casually and with an exhibitionist smile he continues to strip down to his black underwear. He flashed his lean tattooed body and bulging crotch to the city below them without closing the drapes moves over to the bed. With the afternoon sun beaming over his thin white body he takes off his shorts and starts jerking his thick cock. While watching Chris strip I couldn’t decide if I like his face or smooth tattooed chest with 6 pack abs body better. Once Chris’ dick gets hard a third variable comes into play. Against his lean body his cock looks big. Chris jacks off on the bed and shoots his cum onto his stomach. With a big grin he shows the camera his cum soaked hand before he cleans up.

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Jack visits Raf in his dorm room and fills both his holes with his hard dick at Dirty Boy Video. Jack gets right to business when he shows up to visit Raf. He says to Raf that he needs to get off and starts taking off Raf’s clothes. Raf’s uncut cock is already semi hard as Jack pulls off his jeans and with no underwear to get in the way. Jack strips off his own clothes and fills Raf’s mouth with his dick while Raf hangs his head off the bed to allow jack’s cock to slide right down his throat. Raf loves Jack’s dick and sucks it for a long time in different positions allowing the camera to get in good and close so we can watch every inch of Jack’s hard dick pass through Raf’s hairy lips. As Raf is on his hands and knees sucking Jack, Jack prepares Raf’s hairy ass hole with his spit covered fingers for what is to come. Jack puts Raf on his back, rolls a condom over his cock, and slides it right up Raf’s hot wet ass. Raf stays hard and jerks his big curved uncut dick as Jack slams his hole. Raf shoots his cum across his belly as Jack fucks him then moves his still hungry mouth back to Jack’s cock to finish him off. Jack shoots his load all over Raf’s face and chest. Covered in jizz, both guys head into the shower to clean each other up for round two.

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