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man in boxers gives straight guy a full body rub down

After a little fun wrestling with each other in their underwear, blond British jock Chris lies down on the bed to receive his back rub from Justin. Just already had his eyes on more than Chris’ back and legs. He wants to get at the uncut cock between Chris’ legs. Justin straddles Chris’ hips and sits on his butt as he rubs Chris’ back and shoulders. Chris can feel his masseur’s dick getting hard and smiles. As Justin works his way down Chris’ back he slowly pulls down his underwear giving us a good look at his pale ass that looks awesome against his tanned back. They say that 80% of back rubs end up in sex. Maybe Chris and Justin are in the 40% area because Chris doesn’t give in to all out sex but does let Justin give him the full body massage that has a happy ending for everyone.

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Joel Shaw strips naked

I was looking through the updates at English Lads for the past few month and was easily most impressed by this straight 19 year old, Joel Shaw. There are plenty of ripped jocks and amateur British men to look at but few were as cute and fun as Joel. The best part about Joel (in my opinion) is his fun personality. From the time he starts to the creamy finish of both his jack off scenes (1 video and 1 photo set) Joel looks like he is actually having fun. The big smile on his face and the way he moves so uninhibited while naked in front of the camera. He is such a show off! Another give away is his cock. Joel’s dick is already hard before he even gets his jeans off. Like most men his age, it doesn’t take much to arouse him. The sheer excitement of wanking his 7 inch uncut cock on camera is getting him rock hard and dripping wet. After showing off his thin lean body with barely any sign of chest hair, his skinny ass, and flexes his biceps a few times for show; he settles down to play with his foreskin a bit and rub one out. In the photo shoot his cumshot goes as far as his stomach. The video must have done the trick for Joel because in his follow up video the cum flies all the way up his chest and leaves a trail of cum back down to his still hard cock. All off this served with a smile!

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Mario Tupin

Mario Tupin has a gym built body from working as a personal trainer. Originally from Russia, Mario calls England home now but does have an active lifestyle that includes cage fighting. Mario strips down to a pair of pink and teal briefs to show off his ripped body then gets naked to stroke his cock for us.

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Justin Harris has gay sex with Danny Carver

Hunky straight guy Danny Carver is relaxing in his room reading a book when his horny friend Just Harris comes in looking for sex. Danny doesn’t resist too much as Justin rubs Danny through the sheets then pulls them back to start licking Danny through his underwear. It isn’t long before Danny is hard and Justin has his hard uncut cock in his mouth. Justin pulls off Danny’s underwear for unobstructed access to his nice dick and gives his straight friend a good sucking before taking off his own clothes and mounting him. Justin slides up and down the hard sex pole of his straight buddy then gets on the bed for Danny to fuck him doggy style. Looking at Danny’s big smiling face, it doesn’t seem like he minded helping his horny friend get off or shooting his own load as well.

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Scott Stone and Zack Elliot jack their uncut English lad cocks

Scott Stone and Zack Elliot are back at English lads to jerk their uncut cocks together. It’s almost a case of hairy meets smooth for these two. Scott Stone is the semi hairy guy on the left while Zack Elliot is the smooth jock on the right. They start side by side and pretty much stay that way the entire time as they undress and jerk off. The contrast of hairy and smooth is easily visible when they take their shirts off. Scott has a hairy chest but trims it with the clippers so it is very short while Zack is completely smooth. Both have decent upper bodies with nice definition of deltoids, biceps, and traps. Zack has the start of a nice little 6 pack going but Scott is no slouch with nice flat stomach. When they drop their colorful underwear the hair difference becomes apparent again with Scott’s hairy butt and the perfectly smooth ass of Zack. The guys play with their uncut dicks for a bit and look like they are having a good time together even though there is no sex between them.

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Kev undresses straight hunk Zack down to his boxers and notices that Zack is already getting erect . Kev wastes little time getting Zack’s stiff dick in his mouth and even deep throats Zack’s throbbing tool . Zack lays back and enjoys the oral worshiping but gets a little puzzled when Kev moves his tongue from Zack’s dick down to his ass. Zack doesn’t seem exactly sure what to do but moves his head over to return the favor and sucks on Kev’s uncut cock . Zack jerks and sucks Kev off spraying cum onto his smooth chest then adds to the cum pool shooting his own jizz all over Kev. I’d say that Kev does a fine job for his first time.

Uncut UK jock sucks straight friends dick for fun

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