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hairy chested man and smooth dude with their cocks hanging out of shorts

Smooth young Freddie White gets a lesson in dick sucking from Damian Boss in his latest scene online at Hard Brit Lads. Both guys are already hard, showing their impressive uncut cocks before their shorts are off. After some back and forth oral and 69 ing, they get down to the fucking. Freddie does a better job taking Damian’s thick 8 inch cock up his sweet ass than he does taking it down his throat. The scene ends with a cum facial that leaves Freddie covered with jizz from face to dick.


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Troy Haydon gets blow job then has anal sex with Fraser Jacs

Troy Haydon can barely keep his hands out of Fraser Jacs shorts as the action starts between these two inked British jocks at Hard Brit Lads. Troy is getting into the dick sucking at first when the tables are turned and stay that way. Fraser starts to go down on Troy, sucking in his thick uncut cock. Troy shoves all 7 inches of his saliva covered dick down Fraser’s throat. Fraser loves sucking Troy’s beautiful cock but is ready for something more hardcore. Troy moves behind Fraser to rim and finger his sweet ass before filling it with his condom covered dick. Troy slams Fraser from three positions that end with Fraser on his back, legs in the air. Troy is pounding away as Fraser strokes his load across his hairy abs. Troy moves up to Fraser’s face and blasts his jizz into his waiting mouth. The thick cum looks awesome running down Fraser’s mouth and chin to his hairy chest.

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Dean Van Damme cums at Hard Brit Lads

I don’t know where they find all these totally hot guys with big dicks for Hard Brit Lads but don’t really care either. There are basically three types of guys that are featured at HBL: big dicked twinks, big dicked jocks, and big dicked muscle hunks. You can easily see the the common denominator for all the models. (no pun intended) The latest guy to get naked and show us his big uncut cock is muscle hunk Dean Van Damme. Even fully dressed you can tell that he is a built dude. His tattoo covered arms are huge. When he starts to get undressed I was a little surprised. With his scruffy face and gruff attitude I was sure that Dean would have a hairy chest. Not the case! Dean is about as smooth as a razor can get someone. From his bulging pecs all the way down to his tight British butt hole; Dean is completely smooth. It looks good on him and makes licking your way down his sweaty ripped body more enjoyable. It gets even more enjoyable though when you get to Dean’s 8 inch (20 cm) uncut dick. The way that his dick stands at full attention you’d think that he trains his cock like he trains his other muscles. Based on the good pumping he gives it in his jack off video you can tell that Dean doesn’t do anything half assed.

tattooed muscle hunk strokes his shaved uncut cock



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They never seem to have a shortage of big dicked men to get naked and hard for us at Hard Brit Lads. Ed P is an average looking straight guy with a deep sexy voice. He is wearing loose pair of shorts, white socks, and a jersey when he starts. As Ed does his interview he starts rubbing his dick through the shorts and becomes very clear that this man is BIG. Ed takes off his shirt so we can see his lean and hairy body. His chest and stomach are covered with a light coat of fur. After seeing so much chest hair, I was surprised that Ed trims his pubes. Not that he needs to in order to look bigger. Ed’s 9 inch uncut cock is already standing at full erection when he drops his shorts. Ed continues to stroke his thick cock as he shows off the rest of his hairy body including his furry butt then sits on the sofa to finish wanking off. The cum streams from Ed’s throbbing dick leaving a sticky puddle of white that looks great nestled in all that hair. Too bad they don’t film these guys in the shower. I bet Ed would be fun to watch lathering up. Maybe next time.


hairy chested British footballer strokes his big uncut dick


muscle daddy Harley Everett has gay sex with tattooed jock Leo Helios

In May we were treated to the arrival of hot tattooed jock Leo Helios and muscle hunk Harley Everett who each jerked off for our enjoyment. Now we get to see both these hot uncut men together and like the old Reese’s commercial says it’s “two great taste that taste great together”. We don’t really get to taste them (although I would lick my tongue across either of them) but we do get to watch them suck each others dick before the fucking begins. Leo goes down on Harley first to get him good and hard then Harley sucks Leo’s dick as he stands on the bench. You can easily see how big Harley is as Leo stands on the bench and Harley sucks him. Harley is 6’4″ (190 cm) and Leo is a petite 5’7″ (167 cm) tall. The guys move to a semi 69 with Leo continuing to slurp on Harley’s big meat and Harley licks Leo’s ass. We are given a nice close up view of his sweet saliva covered hole before Harley puts a condom on and begins to slide his 8 inch cock up Leo’s tight butt. Leo loves the big dick up his ass and gets even harder himself the more Harley fucks him. And fuck him Harley does too! The guys screw in at least three positions ending with Leo on his back and legs up in a face to face position. Leo spurts his load across his ripped abs then grabs Harley’s cock to milk his jizz and adds to the mix. The end result is a shower of cum that lands over Leo’s shoulder and leaves a trail across his tattooed chest and stomach. Awesome!

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tattooed body builder Harley Everett jacks his uncut cock

Harley Everett has a hard body and a hard uncut cock that he oils up as he jerks off at Hard Brit Lads. Harley is an amateur body builder so his physique is very lean. At 6’4″ (190 cm) tall, Harley is already a big guy. Add to that the impressive pecs and pumped upper body and Harley is quite nice to look at. His body is adorned with plenty of ink and a few piercings too that give him a wild side look. Harley is already hard with a completely visible outline of his 8 inch (20 cm) cock through his white designer briefs. Harley takes his dick out and pulls the thick foreskin back to allow the fat mushroom head to breathe. Like many of the hot men at Hard Brit Lads, Harley grabs a bottle of oil to slick himself up before doing some muscle poses while he strokes his throbbing cock. After the posing session Harley lays back to jerk out a load of cum that runs down his hand and covers the shaft.

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tattooed brit fills his friends mouth and ass with 8 inch uncut cock

Jason O’Connor has developed a following at Hard Brit Lads and for good reason. Jason is a fine looking man with a lean smooth body and impressive 8 inch uncut cock that he is skilled with. Today he is hooking up with 19 year old Billy Roberts for an afternoon of cock sucking and hardcore fucking. You can see that Billy is impressed and Jason is excited before the young and hung chavs are naked. Billy plays with Jason’s hard cock that stretches across his pelvis and leaves a huge bulge in his loose white boxers. Billy pulls down Jason’s shorts to take all 8 inches down his throat. For a 19 year old, Billy is an amazing cock sucker and doesn’t gag or wince at all as the monster dick goes down. After suck a sucking it’s only fair for Jason to return the favor and goes down to suck on Billy’s nice 7 inch dick. From the sucking position Jason turns his tongue to Billy’s sweet butt hole and gives him a good rimming in preparation for a slamming fuck fest. Billy has been fucked 3 times already and never seems to let me down the way he enjoys a cock in his ass and the bigger the better. He’s such a sweet bottom boy. Jason fucks the horny lad in at least three positions that ends with Billy on his back stroking his cock as Jason fills him with cock. Both guys shoot their cum onto Billy’s stomach and pubes.

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Noah James jacks his 8 inch uncut cock

Noah James says that his best body part is his abs. This British lad does have a tight set of abs that look even better when he rubs oil across them but I couldn’t stop looking at his big 8 inch cock. I’ve been watching gay porn for years but am still amazed when I look at these skinny guys with really big dicks. Noah is exceptionally nice on the eyes with his boyish face and reddish colored spiky hair. At the beginning of his jerk off video the producer talks to him and if Noah’s looks aren’t enough, his English accent will seal the deal. Noah lifts his shirt to show off his prized abs, rubs oil across his hairless chest and stomach, then starts stroking his cock through a pair of tight stretchy white underwear. I mention that the underwear are stretchy because as his dick grows (and grows) the shorts have to stretch to accommodate his over sized meat. The view is spectacular as he lowers the shorts to give us a first look at his 5 pounds of swinging meat. Noah is fairly quiet as he lies back to stroke his big uncut dick but gives a little pant as he gets close to cumming. If you think his abs looked good covered in oil, they look even better with a line of jizz running down from his chest.

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Jed James is filled with Ed Fox 9 inch uncut cock

Ed Fox’s big cock is already forming an impressive bulge in his running shorts as he kisses and rubs over Jed James’ tattooed body. Jed lifts Ed’s shirt to get a look at his chest covered with dark trimmed hair and pierced nipples. Jed works his way down the muscular skin heads body then lowers his shorts to let his uncut cock out for some oral excitement. Jed licks the long shaft before swallowing it whole. It’s an amazing sight to watch all 9 inches of Ed’s dick go into Jed’s mouth until only trimmed pubes can be seen. Ed goes down on Jed too but only for a short time until he is ready to push his big cock into Jed’s hairy ass. Jed’s butt takes in the big cock just as well as his mouth. Ed fucks Jed in at least three different positions then pulls out to feed his cum to Jed. Ed shoots his cum into Jed’s mouth for a grand finale to an exciting gay sex show.

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Lucas Knowles fucking Jake D

There is no kissing, making out, or other fluffy foreplay as these two hard and horny British dudes hook up for an afternoon of cock sucking, rimming, and hardcore fucking. It is obvious from the start who is going to dominate the action; Lucas. As soon as Lucas has his shirt off he pushes Jake’s head right into his arm pit to start licking. The tongue lashing moves down Lucas’ body to his semi-hard 8 inch cock. Jake takes the whole thing in his mouth with ease. Jake is very good at taking dick down his throat. Lucas face fucks him harder and harder and Jake seems to love every second of it. Jake puts his long tongue to use on Lucas’ ass next, rimming his hairy hole. The tongue in ass sensation drives Lucas crazy and works him into an even more horn dog frenzy. Lucas puts on a condom and starts with the ass fucking. If it looked like Jake loved sucking big dick it’s even more obvious that he loves to take it in the ass even more! Jake moans with pleasure as Lucas pounds his ass in at least three different positions. The final place is with Jake on his back, legs in the air, with Lucas slamming him full of cock. Jake jerks out his load send a stream of cum up onto his hairy chest. Lucas pulls out and adds his own gusher of cum to the mix. There is plenty of cum, hair, and sweat covering Jake when he is finished.

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