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If you were to meet Steven Prior walking the streets of London you would never guess that this lad has a big secret. Steven is a thin, polite guy that is approachable and friendly. At only 5 feet 8 inches (170 cm) tall, a thin body, and cute, boyish face; Steven looks harmless. That is until his dick gets stimulated and gets hard. When that happens watch out! Steven’s thick uncut cock is anything but harmless. Especially for newbie unsuspecting bottom boys. As Steven sits in his white boxers playing with his nipples and dick it becomes very clear that this timid lad wields a very large cock. As his tool grows it stretches all the way across his leg and rests on his hip. I’m not usually into guys wearing underwear but this boy is cute and seeing the outline of his gigantic tool is awesome!

Steven lowers his underwear to give us a good long look at his 10 inch (25 cm) cock. Even with all the girth it still stands out from his body and has a very nice curve to hit that special spot. After a few minutes of jacking his big dick he takes out an original style Fleshjack, applies lots of lube, and rams his monster into the masturbation toy. With the thickness of his dick; I bet they had to provide him with a wide opening. Anyways, Steven moves the toy up and down his 10 inch shaft then stands up to hold the toy steady and fucks it, moving his bony hips back and forth like he was fucking an imaginary friend’s ass. The action is hot for a solo scene. Steven sits back down and continues to stroke his cock until a stream of cum oozes out the head and runs down the long shaft forming a puddle of fun at the trimmed base of this guy’s power pole.

Steven Prior strokes his fat 10 inch cock

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2 popular studs on Hard Brit Lads are back to play with each others huge dick and Billy takes Luke’s 9 thick inches up his ass. Luke is a new comer to the porn scene. At only 18 years old he can’t have much experience but I’m fairly sure with this boy’s attributes and ability to perform, we’ll be seeing a lot more of him. Luke has a lean, athletic body with hairless chest and ripped 6 pack stomach. In the picture below, he is the one with the dark spiked up fauxhawk haircut and the fat 9 inch uncut cock. Billy is the older of the two and works in construction. He has a very nice body and very nice cock as well. Either of these two would be fun to watch but seeing both of them together sucking each other hard then watching Luke slam his whole 9 inches up Billy’s ass before shooting his big load across Billy’s chest and stomach is sweet. Super Sweet!

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