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Manuel DeBoxer strips out of a suite to jerk his big uncut cock

There is something so very hot about a guy like Manuel DeBoxer in a suite. His spiked hair, beard, and facial piercings say bad boy while the tailored suite with vest says conservative. There is nothing conservative about the way Manuel strips down to a pair of red spandex underwear with the ass cut out and starts to stroke his big cock. In addition to the facial piercings, Manuel has plenty of tattoos and two pierced nipples. Manuel looks awesome with his pants down and thick uncut cock pointing up. Even Manuel is impressed as he keeps looking down at it.

Manuel gets off at Maskurbate


masked muscle man is masturbated by guy with a FleshJack

William is one of the regulars who appear with a mask at Maskurbate and today Pascal is giving him the extra special treatment. Pascal starts with a long massage that starts with William fully dressed and ends with William naked and fully hard. William looks awesome leaning back in the folding chair with his uncut cock standing at full attention and pointing towards his masked face. Pascal slowly takes the full length of dick in his mouth for a expert sucking then pulls a FleshJack out to give William the ultimate sensation. Don’t get me wrong, getting blown is good but there is something about all those ridges and bumps inside a FleshJack that no mouth can come close to. Pascal starts then turns the toy over to William for some self pleasure.

watch masked men getting off at Maskurbate

For a while I have heard of Maskurbate but never went to the site. Put that up there on the list of mistakes to learn from. I should have visited the site a long time ago. Why? Because, it is full of hot jocks like Sacha that jack off or have gay sex on camera. While there are a lot of gay porn sites where guys jack off or have sex what makes this site different is that these are mostly straight jock types and muscle men that look awesome but don’t want to show their identity. They were masks of various sorts to protect form their friends, classmates, or coworkers from knowing what they have done.

Lets move to Sacha… He was about 4 models down on the tour when I checked it out and definitely the one that caught my attention. He has a ripped set of abs and a rockin hot body. Once I watched his preview video his next big asset was shown; a big uncut cock. His bio says that he is a college football player and that he likes to work out. One look at him and the working out part is obvious. Sacha strokes his fat uncut dick and shoots his cum onto the bed cover in his video that I watched twice because it was just that good.

If you like muscle guys and jocks or just have a bit of a kinky side for guys in masks or real straight guys that want to get blown by a guy but not have their friends know; Maskurbate is for you.

Masked Jocks Getting Off