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amateur Latino shows his amazing abs and naked ass as he jacks off

I love to watch the amateurs. The way that some squirm with nervousness riding an adrenalin high and other try to just have a good time and show off. Gaston looks more like the first although trying to be more of the later in his jack off scene this week at Miami Boyz. Gaston isn’t ugly by any sort but he definitely isn’t an airbrushed twink either (another reason to love amateurs). His face is just kind of average looking for a rough 19 year old straight skater boy. Gaston’s cock isn’t huge like you’d expect with his long body and Latino genes. It is average. What isn’t average about this guy is his awesome set of  8 pack abs (yes eight, count em) and his incredible ass. Any perceived averageness about Gaston goes out the window when you see that washboard of a torso where the groups start at his nipples and go all the way down to the start of his pubis area. If your more an ass man Gaston has something for you to see. All that skating does a street boy’s ass nice. The picture of Gaston laying on the bed with his legs slightly spread was so inviting.

After Gaston is sure we are all drooling over his amazing body he settles down to jack off and cum for our enjoyment. The nervous straight guy has trouble getting hard at first. With a little help from some porn on his laptop he gets hard in no time. Gaston shows us his hard dick to prove that yes, he actually is excited about doing this then gets to stroking. Gaston obviously likes the video on his computer because he cums with little trouble. From the half smile on his face after cumming, it looks like Gaston is actually having fun. During his interview he admitted that he’s game to get a blowjob from a guy. Maybe we’ll be seeing more of this new hottie sometime in the future.

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Cristian jerks his 9 inch uncut Latino cock

Cristain is another big dicked Latino to join the stable of amateur men at Miami Boyz. Cristain is a 20 year old college student majoring in economics. Cristain’s long dark hair and tanned skin are going to be enough to get the Latino lovers going and his impressively thick 9 inch uncut cock should be plenty for the size queens to fantasize over. Cristain’s body is a mix of smooth and hairy but all lean. His chest, stomach, and even his arm pits are all smooth. Whether shaved or natural, it’s all smooth moving down Cristain’s front right to his trimmed pubes. Cristain’s lower back has some hair that shows above the band of his underwear and continues down his tight butt as he takes the underwear off. His legs are nice and hairy too. We get plenty to look at from all angles as Cristain moves from a chair to standing next to a mirror as he strokes his thick dick.

amateur Latino men get off at Miami Boyz

Cuban stud strips and jerks off his 8 inch uncut cock

David is a straight eighteen year old Cuban college student who needs cash for school and likes to watch the expression on people’s face when they first see his hard 8 inch dick. While he strips David’s underwear ask “do you think I’m sexy”. Clearly the answer is YES. With a hairless muscled chest, rippled abs, and tight bubble butt from working out at the school gym coupled with his cute face and brown come suck me eyes; this guy is surely popular with the girls and the boys. If you crave tanned men with abundance of foreskin you’re going to go gaga over David. He has so much skin that even with a full eight inch hard on his dick head is totally covered and some sticking out from the end. All that skin does not get in the way as David jerks off and sprays his jizz at Miami Boyz. His cum fly and splashes across his abdomen and chest in an impressive cum shot.

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