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Gabriel Lenfant shows us his workout routine that gives him the incredible body and ripped abs he is known for. After working up a good sweat he heads to the locker room where he takes off his shirt and pours a bottle of water over his hairy pecs to cool off. The water looks great as it runs down his tanned skin and ripped abs. Gabriel’s big dick is sticking out the side of his shorts as he starts rubbing it. Soon enough it is at its full 8 inches and the foreskin is pulled back from the head. Gabriel strokes his big uncut cock in a few positions and spends a long time fingering his smooth ass giving us the best views of every hard inch of his body before spraying his cum load.

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Joey Soto is the latest amateur man to jack off for us at Next Door Male and damn does he put on an exceptional show. Joey starts by showing us how he pumps up. He works out and spends some time on the heavy bag to work up a sweat then strips down to a jock strap to show off his hard work. His mostly hairless body looks amazing with a light glare of sweat and well defined upper body including some very nice looking abdominals. He turns to show off his butt while wearing the jock then lowers it to start rubbing his dick to full erection. Joey doesn’t do a simpleĀ  jack off video though. No, he has brought along some sex toys in his bag today and intends to get the most out of them. Joey slides a row of anal beads in first then pulls out a Fleshjack jack off toy to finish things off with. You can see from the look on his face how much he loves the Fleshjack and the stream of cum proves how much his dick liked it too.

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Shane Reno takes off his shirt to show off his chiseled body and large tribal tattoos before cleaning up in the shower then relaxing in the living room to jerk off with a fleshjack. For a man with such a bulked up body Sane has a very friendly face. He appears very approachable and is comfortable in front of the camera too. He quickly removes his clothes to clean up in the shower where he spends a lot of time getting his cock good and soapy. He moves into the next room where he poses for some pictures then takes out a flesh jack and fucks it hard and fast. He slides the toy up and down the full length of his cock and cums into the end of the masturbation toy. Shane is one hot looking guy for sure!

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