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Gay cocksucker gives straight businessman in a suit a blowjob

Straight businessman Brent looks great in a gray suite with white shirt and a tie when he shows up to get a blowjob from the NY Straight Men cocksucker Trey. Trey drops to his knees to take Brent’s soft dick out through the zipper and gets to work sucking Brent to full hardness. Brent takes off his clothes until he’s fully naked as the gay blowjob continues. Trey knows how to make these horny straight men feel their best and the spurts of cum from Brent’s cock shooting across Trey’s shoulder and running down his hairy chest is proof.

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Doug gets a gayblowjob and cums

Doug loves a good blowjob but says most women (and a few men he’s let try) can’t take it all in the way he likes. Trey has lots of experience and has blown Doug before so both guys know that things are going to work well when Doug shows up at NY Straight Men. Doug isn’t there for chat or friends; he’s there to get off and leave. Trey gets right to work and kneels down in front of Doug to undo his pants and take out his sweaty cock. The man smell from Doug’s crotch drives Trey crazy. Trey starts sucking Doug and pulls his underwear down for full access to his sweaty scrotum. It doesn’t take long for Doug to get hard. He grabs the back of Trey’s head and pushes his dick deep down Trey’s throat causing a little gag. Trey’s a trouper and keeps going. After standing a while Doug goes over to a nearby table to sit for the finish. Trey moves up between Doug’s hairy legs and continues his duties. Doug leans way back and closes his eyes as he gets ready to cum. The jizz flows from his saliva covered cock to make a stream of wet white that runs down the shaft of his dick.

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Lucas gets cum in his beard after rimming and blowing Tim

Even as a straight guy Tim admits that he loves to be rimmed. He’d rather it be from a girl but hey, a warm wet tongue is a warm wet tongue no matter who it is attached to. Today that tongue belongs to one of the newer cock suckers at NY Straight Men, Lucas. Lucas knows that Tim loves to have his straight boy ass licked and is more than happy to do it for him. Tim drops his pants for Lucas to get to work. Lucas starts by stroking Tims cock and playing with his balls then moves him to the sofa to start the rimming. Lucas spreads Tim’s cheeks wide to get his bearded face and long tongue in as far as possible. Both guys move to a coffee table where the ass licking and eating continues with Tim on top and underneath Lucas. Once Tim is satisfied that his hole has been serviced he pushes his hard cock into Lucas’ mouth. Tim face fucks Lucas and shoots his cum onto Lucas’ face and beard in a fitting finish to this scene at NY Straight Men.

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